Haul – Luxury Edition

Hello beauties,

Throughout July and August, I have been picking some stuff that I want to share with you. Why?! Because I think they are gorgeous and I love them.

I shopped brands that, at least for me, are considered luxury brands. Some of them were the first time that I shopped, and I already regret the time that I spent deciding if I should invest in them or not. Others brands are not the first time, and they never disappoint.

Shall we start?!

Karl Largefeld

It was my first time shopping in Karl Largerfeld. I always loved the unique type of pieces but never had the opportunity to buy them. Until I saw this unique piece. It is a dress, a jacket, and a gabardine all in one. I loved the concept and the versatility that this piece brings to my wardrobe. A plus is that it was on sales.


It was my second time shopping in Pinko. Like Karl, I think that their pieces have a touch of rebellion and a quirk side that I enjoy. I can’t enter in this store without fall in love with something. So I knew the day that I entered my wallet wouldn’t like it. But I did good (I think), and bought two stunning skirts that can be worn all year round.

Michael Kors

I am a huge fan of Michael kors shoes. I have a pair of boots that I bought last winter that I love, so when I saw these two pairs of sandals on sale, I needed to buy them. I wore both and, like the boots, they are very comfortable. When it comes to shoes, I prefer quality over quantity, and.my feet are so sensitive that need this extra attention.

Tommy Hilfiger

One of my favorite brands for sure. I love the clothes, the accessories, but especially the shoes. I have some pairs of Tommy Hilfiger shoes in my collection that I use to death. I decided that I needed to invest in more Tommy shoes to fill some holes that I had in my collection. The white trainers were something that I didn’t need per se but I think that there’s never enough pairs of white trainers in anybody’s collection (and in my defense, this has gold, and I didn’t have any with gold).

Ralph Lauren

I love the polish side of Ralph Lauren. It is a style that suits mine and is the style that I use in my everyday. I was on the hunt for a white denim jacket and found it at the Ralph Lauren store. The pants and the skirt were something that I could not resist. They are stunning, were so well, and have some cute details.


I am so mad with myself that I spent so much time deciding if I should buy or not a pair of Castañer. I first bought the cream espadrille with an 80mm heel from Net-a-Porter. They are high but looks like you are walking barefoot. They are so comfortable. I needed more, so I ordered from Farfetch a second pair. A black espadrille with a heel of 60mm. I advise everyone to buy at least a pair. Huge fan.


Last but not least, of course. I’m a client of this brand for years. I’m in a year of events, so I needed a nice pair of heels, because of my feet. I saw these, and I don’t regret buying them.

Let me know in the comments what is your favorite piece.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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