My experience with the Moderna Vaccine

Hello beauties,

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a few weeks, mainly because of the controversy, that is COVID vaccine. Some people are against it; other people are in favor of it. But because some of you may be looking for information or are scared about the symptoms that the vaccine may produce, I decided to write my experience.

If you are against the vaccine, I get you. I do. I can see both sides of the pancake, so please like I respect you, please respect my decision to take the vaccine. As a healthy worker, I can see all the advantages of the vaccine. But I have to say, that I don’t see the advantages of being able to enter in a restaurant if I have the vaccine, while someone that don’t have it can’t enter. The vaccine only protect us, not the others, we can still infect others, and because of that I don’t feel secure to enter in a place where people can take the mask without a negative test. Call me paranoid but even with the vaccine, I’m not going to take my mask off! And neither should you, with our without vaccine!

What do you need to know about Moderna Vaccine:

  • It uses mRNA technology
  • Named Spikevax
  • It needs two doses
  • Each dose must be taken with an intervale of 4 weeks (28 days)

Saying that, a few days before my first dose, I decided to search a little more about it. So I went to google and YouTube and searched about what people felt on the day after the vaccine. I have to say that I wanted it, but I was afraid. I saw bad comments, everything from people with neighbors that died after it, people that stop feeling their legs, people that had headaches even after a month. But I’m one of those people that like to be informed, with the bad and the good things. I like to control everything and know what I was going into, gave me, some kind of control, and left me calmer.

When I took the first dose, with my age and the fact that I’m a woman, there were only two options for me: Pfizer or Moderna.

Can you believe that after the first shot, I was almost three weeks thinking that I took the Pfizer but, in reality, I took Moderna?! I was so nervous that I misunderstood. Then I saw my card.

Dose 1: it didn’t hurt at all. I can say that I almost didn’t feel the needle and the liquid! Nothing. After the 30 minutes that we have to wait, my eye started twitching a little bit (after a couple of minutes, it went away), but at the time, I thought it would be because of my nerves (it wasn’t the first time). But after reading some comments, more people complained about the same. After a couple of hours, maybe 4, some leg muscles started to hurt, as my arm. At night I started feeling a little sick. Do you know, the feeling when you know that you are starting to get sick? That. I went from cold to hot. I took a paracetamol and went to sleep. The next day, my body hurt so much. It was like someone took a bat and hit all my body. On day three, I could not talk without being completely breathless and tired. My arm was stuck, in the same position. I could not lift it at all. I put ice all day, and at night I was much better. Day 4, I was tired but feeling more normal. I took a good shower and could wash my hair with both hands. I was so happy in the shower that you can’t imagine.

Dose 2: I was so scared. I think I didn’t sleep properly, the night before. I don’t know why but I was postponing it. I almost chicken out in the last minutes. This shot was after four weeks, and I was afraid of everything. But I took it. Again, I didn’t feel the needle but, when I was waiting the 30 minutes my arm started to hurt. Nothing major, but I could feel it. I went home and immediately put ice on it, and I have to say that on the next day, I could sleep normally to that side without any complaint. Now, the bad part. I had headaches for two days, nonstop. I took paracetamol, but the only thing that helped me was being in a room without any light. Then came the fever. The maximum I had was 38,2, but I controlled it with paracetamol. I had the strangest feeling – I was shivering and sweating at the same time. I couldn’t control the hot/cold feeling that was switching every minute. These symptoms lasted almost two days. I didn’t sleep well at night, something that I never do when I have a fever. I had tachycardia for almost an entire day, and sometimes I felt like crap, while other times I felt better. It came in waves. It was not a good feeling, but after 32h everything was almost normal. At the rest of the week, I felt a little more tired, but not so much as, I did with the first shot.

I noticed since the first shot that the muscle from my legs are more tired and sometimes I feel my legs so heavy. When I use my compressive socks, I get better 90% but this is something that have been bothering me for months. My doctor says it could be because of the hot weather. I don’t know. I guess.

I decided to write this post because maybe you are searching for this kind of information. And I get you. But also to say that all my fears were gone after a couple of days. Do I know if this vaccine will affect me in the future? I don’t, but I do know that if I suffer like that while my body was creating antibodies, I can’t imagine what I would suffer from Covid! And that’s what matters!

Let me know what vaccine you took and what symptoms you had!


3 thoughts on “My experience with the Moderna Vaccine

  1. Hi , I receive Astrazaneca vaccinations. I am completely fine after receiving a vaccine, except for a bruise at the site of the injection.For about two weeks, it makes me feel uncomfortable. But I sincerely hope it is worthy!!!

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