Nimya- the new beauty brand by NikkieTutorials

Hello beauties,

I think this week was full of surprises and one of them is definitely the launch of Nimya, a new beauty brand created by NikkieTutorials. If you don’t know who is Nikkie de Jager, then you should go and check her youtube videos (after reading this post and comment, of course). She’s an amazing makeup guru and her ’The Power of Makeup’ youtube video has more than 42M of visualizations!

Now she’s the founder and curator of the brand Nimya, and I trust that her products are good because, 1) she is part of the beauty industry for over 14 years and 2) who better to know what work and doesn’t work then a person that tried everything?

She promises high quality products for affordable prices and because of that, don’t expect a big number of products, because she’s going to start with her most essential products, but I think that in future (if everything goes well, which I believe it will) we will have a bigger collection! Like she says ’when they are ready, they will come out’.

But what do we know by now?

There will be available 4 products.

  • Where It All Starts Cream ($30): a moisturizer/ primer hybrid that creates the perfect canvas for luminous skin. With Gycerin (classic moisturizer), Honey (great antibacterial properties) and Lactic Acid (an AHA to lift dead skin cells).
  • BRRR BRRR Cooling eye stick ($22): an eye stick that gives a cooling sensation, it moisturizes the eye area and also works as a great eye primer.
  • Set It & Forget It Setting Spray ($25): to keep the makeup on all day long. It contains high quantity of PVP (an ingredient that provides a long wearing layer over the makeup to optimize wear) and less alchool (which is never good to the skin).
  • Licence to Glow Serum ($37) : with pineapple fruit extract, grape fruit extract, marula oil, grapeseed oil and Squalene (I love squalene because it works as an anti-inflammatory and reduce redness on the skin). oh and if you are not convinced, then let me tell you that they use squalene derived from plant sugars making it completely vegan!
  • Blow Before You Go Fan ($15): a fan full of power that will work wonders with her Set It & Forget It Setting Spray.

For a limited time, you can buy the buddle that includes all the products and offers the Blow Before You Go Fan!

The official launch is on September 23rd and you can buy it only here.

Is it going to be available worldwide?

Shipping is always a headache but overtime they promised to lower the shipping costs. Take in consideration that this is a new brand, give them time and I think that at some point it will be worldwide. For now they will be available in lot of countries at their lowest cost of shipping. Still, don’t be surprised if the cost of shipping for your country is high, it is up to you to see if you think is worth it.

So what do you think? Are you excited with this new launch? Let us know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Nimya- the new beauty brand by NikkieTutorials

    1. I agree with you! I was also expecting makeup from her, she’s the makeup queen! But I can understand why she decided to release a skincare line – first it’s unexpected, and maybe she’s trying to release new products that other brands are lacking. For what I saw, she took really care when choosing the ingredients of each product…Two of them really caught my eye!

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      1. The cooling eye stick because I’m crazy about products for the eye area! I have dark circles (we both do) and it’s like a demand that I have to find the perfect product that will miraculously take these dead boys under my eyes. And the serum, because I checked the ingredient list and looks amazing! Now we just have to wait for it to come to Portugal!

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