Lola Cosmetics Hair mask

Hello Beauties

Today I’m going to talk about a hair mask that I recently discovered.

It’s from the brand Lola Cosmetics. This is a Brazilian brand, created in 2011, with the motto of “Be happy, even if everything is wrong, even your hair”.

Lola’s a brand that cares for the environment, is sustainable and also worries about our beloved animals, being vegan, and cruelty-free.

All the products created by Lola are:

  • Paraben-free;
  • OGMS free;
  • Sulfat free;
  • Paraffin free;
  • Mineral oil free;
  • Silicon free.

In this brand you can find products for hair, body, makeup and even other type of products, like alcohol-gel and soap.

I tried a hair mask that is part of a trio. One is for Hydration, other for Nutrition and the third for Reconstruction. If you don’t know there’s something called capillary schedule, and it’s basically a scheme that, according to the hair type, indicates which type of mask should be used. For example, a month has 4 weeks, if you wash your hair twice a week, the regimen will be, hydration mask, then reconstruction, hydration, nutrition. so on. This will depend on the type of hair, if you are interested, we can talk more about this topic in a future post.

The one that I tried, and I’m going to talk, is the Hydration mask and is called Be(m)dita Ghee.

This mask is made of ghee butter, banana, aloe vera, seaweed and jojoba oil.

The Be(m)dita Ghee is:

  • An emollient;
  • For deep hydration;
  • Has an effect of long duration;
  • For thin hair;
  • For dull hair;
  • For hair that requires water replacement.

How to use

Take 2 or 3 tea spoons of the product and put in the hands. Massage a little, and apply in the hair after shampoo lengthwise to the ends.

Let it stay for maxim of 5 minutes and then rinse the excess. After this mask, you don’t need to use conditioner. It can be used once a week, or when you feel the need.

My opinion

First thing that catches everyone’s attention is the package. It comes in a cute jar, made of glass and with vibrant colors. This alone makes us want at least, to see what it is.

Second thing that caught the attention is the scent, which can be felt immediately when you open the jar. It’s extremely difficult to resist and try not to eat at least one spoon of this mask, because the scent is so yummy. Never let it in the kitchen, because I think, someone will think that is food.

Third, after one application, my hair was so smooth, so it works! And we love a product that works, right?

Even more, we need to think about our environment and give a chance to these type of brands that tries hard to give our successors, a better world. And, when this type of brands do that without losing efficacy, it’s even better.

I can´t wait to try more products from this brand, and you should too.

Are you trying to be more reasonable and think a little more about the environment? If yes, tell us in the comments what are you doing, or what type of products are you using to achieve that.



4 thoughts on “Lola Cosmetics Hair mask

  1. After reading this post, I really want to try this mask! Wish I could get it 😪 By the way, I would love if you would do an article about the hair routine you mentioned of hydration, reconstruction, etc. I’ll be here waiting 😊

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  2. Green tea for the treatment of various hair problems, which many women face, as it has a miraculous ability to solve the problems of hair loss, dandruff and other things that trouble us all.
    There are many recipes for green tea for hair, which include different ingredients that are 100% natural, and all of them are materials that bring benefits to the hair, and here are the best recipes that you can apply at home, without effort and costs.
    Green tea and argan oil mixture: bring green tea bag + 113 g of coconut oil 28 g of argan oil + 56 g of fennel seeds
    Method of preparation Put a bag of green tea in a bowl of hot water, and leave it for 20 minutes. Mix with the remaining tea ingredients, then apply this mask to your wet hair. Wrap it in a lukewarm towel and leave it for 20 minutes.

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