Skin.q Lip Balm Moisturizing and Volume [Review]

Hello beauties,

Many moons ago, I watched a youtube video from a Portuguese influencer – Helena Coelho (Instagram: @helenacoelhooo), where she talked about some products that she was using and loving. And one of those products is the one that today I’m going to talk about.

The Skin.q Lip Balm moisturizing and volume is, like the name says, a lip balm that I’ve been using since then and loving it, so much that today I bought a second one.

skin.q belongs to the Brazilian company ‘Quem disse Berenice’. They have created a complete line of skincare that brings the combination of high-efficacy ingredients and innovative actives for you to create your routine in your own way.
Beautyworkers blog
Beautyworkers blog
The Lip Balm Moisturizind and Volume hydrates the lips for up to 6 hours, promoting an instant plumping effect, increasing the volume of the lips on the spot, in addition to defining the contour on the first day!

Its formula brings powerful actives that combine effective technology and the best of nature:
• Smart Hyaluronic Acid - 100% pure molecule that lasts up to 10x longer on the skin than regular hyaluronic acid. It arrives intact at the action site and promotes prolonged hydration and lines reduction.
• Goji berry - super fruit with high antioxidant power and rich in vitamin C
• Hemiesqualane - plant active similar to the compounds of the internal hydration barrier. Boosts collagen by renewing the outermost layer of the skin, leaving it firmer and more homogeneous

Need more? This product is vegan, in other words: they do not use any raw material of animal origin in its composition and manufacture! Oh, besides, just like all the products from Quem disse Berenice, it is not tested on animals.

My Opinion

I adore it. Like I said, this is the second lip balm that I buy and I think I will buy more when this is finished. It’s really easy to use and it can be easily carried on the bag. You can apply the product over your lips twice a day and don’t freak out because you’ll feel a fresh sensation (because of the plumping effect). But don’t worry, it’s nothing from another world.


Even through the plumping effect is nothing that you can’t achieve with other products, the softness and hydration that this product provides to the lips is more than a good reason for you to try this lip balm. Even after hours I can still feel how soft my lips are!! It’s insane!

And guess what’s also insane – the price! It costs 6€, which if you compare with other lip balms is an excellent price, don’t you think? At least I can count by my fingers more expensive lip balms that didn’t provide the same effect as this one.

Have you tried this lip balm? Let me know in the comments what are your favorite lip balms.


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