Am I dissapointed with these two new Yves Rocher Chritmas collection products?

Hello beauties,

Do you feel the Christmas spirit wanting to come out? Or the desire to go shopping for gifts. Do you feel the sparkles, the colors, the cookies, the cold? No?! Me neither.

Well, I’m always feeling the cookies because I love to make them, but that’s not important for what I’m going to talk about today. Because today’s post is about two Yves Rocher new Christmas products! Is it too soon to think about these collections? Maybe. Maybe not. But we are going to do it.

It’s no secret that we both like and enjoy Yves Rocher products … well, we are probably one of the blogs that most talk about this brand … so it makes sense that we are the first to talk about their new Christmas collection.

Beautyworkers blog

But don’t think that they sent us these products, we are not (still) relevant to the brand, and it was never our objective to be, we are (and always will be) just two normals girls that like to talk about products that we tried.

So today, we are going to talk about two products that I could get my hands on in advance – the mini eyeshadow palette and the liquid highlighter.

Eyeshadow Trio Palette

Canelle = Cinnamon; Aurore = Dawn ; Pépite = Nugget

From what it was told to me, there are going to be available two eyeshadow palettes, one big and the mini. The mini brings three eyeshadows that at first sight look beautiful and well thought about (in theory). There’s a matte shadow (Cannelle) and two glittery shadows, one in gold (Aurore) and the other in a dark silver (Pépite).

The matte shadow has e perfect color to blend in the entire eye as a base, and the other two can be used together or separately. This way you can achieve more different looks. Not too many because, after all, there are just three shadows.

On the arm it doesn’t look bad

My opinion

I’m so disappointed with this palette. And mad, because I was expecting more. The packaging is cute and perfect to be in the bag for a touch-up. The colors look gorgeous in the pan, the fallout is minimal, but there’s no pigmentation! Yves Rocher got me used to pigment eyeshadows. We are not talking about Pat McGrath or Huda Beauty’s kind of pigmentation, but I never complained about their palettes. Until now.

The pigmentation on this palette looks like a joke compared to other palettes from the same brand. I only can compare it with children’s palettes. I don’t know, if this is a problem with my palette, or if they are all like that, but I’m not going to buy another to find out.

Glow Highlighter

Cute packaging 💛

As we are used to, the packaging is cute and screams Christmas, and cold weather, and hot drinks. As we saw in the palette, the packaging is perfect to be carried on a bag and for retouches during the day or night.

the last photo shows how it looks on the arm (in live looks way better)

My opinion

When applied to the hand, the color looks rich and golden glorious. That’s it … I’m going to call it Golden Glorious (Yves Rocher should pay me for these name ideas). But when you apply it to the skin, it’s not going to blind you, but I like it. Why? Personally, when I choose a liquid highlighter, I like something subtle. Something that I can use every day without looking like a disco ball. Honestly, a highlighter is something that I can live without. But this one, gives the perfect amount of glow, to use during the day, or if you are going to a party. The neckline and shoulders look gorgeous. Golden gorgeous!


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