Martiderm Platinum Night Renew Mask

Hello beauties,

Today I bring the review of a product that is not new on the market, but I have been trying it, and I thought ’why not make a blog post about it?’.

If you are like me, always trying to find reviews of products that you find on a store, then this is for you! I think that’s important to know if the product is worth the money, if it works…

So without any more delays, the product I’m going to talk about is the Martiderm Platinum Night Renew Mask.

This mask is specifically to be used at night and has a lot of functions, such as:

  • – Renew;
  • – Firmness;
  • – Revitalize;
  • – Reduce wrinkles;
  • – Reduce Imperfections.
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How to use it:

Like the name indicates, this is a mask to be used at night, after taking off all the makeup, impurities. Well, it’s easier to say, in a clean face…

  1. 1. Remove one part of the sheet mask, and start by adjusting the eye area;
  2. 2. Apply in the rest of the face
  3. 3. Let it be for 15/20 minutes;
  4. 4. Remove the mask;
  5. 5. Massage the skin until full absorption.

Attention! Don’t forget to use a SPF in the next morning.

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I tried this mask after a big event to help detoxify and clean my skin. To renew, and give it a rest. The instructions say to use for maxim 20 minutes, but it has product for a lot more, so in all the occasions that I used this mask, I let it act for more than just 20 minutes.

After removing the mask, the first feeling that I had was a Fresh sensation, that was very pleasant. The skin, looking at the mirror looks even, renewed and refreshed, even after a long day with heavier makeup.

On a final note, I highly recommend the use of this mask. But now I have bad news for you (Sorry, beauties!). The Platinum line products are available on Martiderm, but specifically the Night Renew Mask is a limited edition. So if you want my advice, if you find it, buy more than one, and thank me later. ; )

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