Calzedonia tights – my collection and my favorites 

Hello beauties,

Every year, around this time, Calzedonia launches a new collection of tights. And every year I think I found the most beautiful tights, of all….

I’m that girl…that one that loves tights…

yes, my name is Ana and I love tights….

If I could, I would buy them all. I wish I could have my own Calzedonia. Unfortunately, I can’t. So I made a treat for myself and every year I buy a new pair.

Beautyworkers blog

I love tights in the winter, I love tights in the autumn, sometimes I love tights even in spring. Unfortunately, I don’t think I love tights in summer.

Now that the weather is -without another word to describe it – stupid (cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, cold at nights), it’s the perfect time to use and abuse. You can use, them with short pants, shorts, dresses, mini dresses, and skirts. You can accessorize them with a pair of boots that always look good, sneakers for a relaxed look, or even high heels if you are going to a party or a night out.

This year, after checking the entire collection, I found myself in love with the Astrology Tights. And, I learned that when it comes to tights and Calzedonia, I always have to run and buy when I see it, or in a couple of days, they are sold-out. That happened to me last year.


The Astrology tights are beautiful as every pair of Calzedonia tights. They even look better in the legs. Unfortunately, they are not the warmest pair of tights, mainly because the mesh is more open than what I’m used to.

They also have compression (Denier 40), which is good if you have a job where you need to be standing up for a long time. It prevents swell and improves blood circulation. The downside is that they are small. I always buy the size 1/2 (S/M) and, I found this pair small. So if you are between sizes, size up.

The price is also good. It costed 14,95€ and, although it was a little more than the ones that I bought last year (9,95€), I have to say that they are different and I can understand why they are more expensive.

Since we are talking about last year, my favorite pair has to be the one I bought last year. I fell in love with the diamond tights, and I told you everything in here. I bought the last pair, and they sold out in days! I like them, and I’m always careful every time I use them. I even wash them by hand because I know that I can’t find another one like this. They look and feel like a second skin, and every time I use them, I hear the best comments about how good I look.


Two years ago, I bought the animal print, and I have to say that I’m also a big fan of this pair of tights. They look fabulous when I use them with a skirt and black boots. Unfortunately, last year one of my nails got stuck in them, and now they have a tiny hole. Buuuahhhhh

Animal print / Sparkles

The second pair that appears in the image has sparkles. They are the warmest tights I have, and they look gorgeous. They have the perfect amount of sparkle, and you can use them with lots of looks.

I also have in my collection some other Calzedonia tights, like normal tights. I have in brown, bronze, and mocha colors. This year I bought another pair in bronze. It is a beautiful color to use at this time of the year with a skirt and sneakers. And let me tell you that they are at a fantastic price (3,50€) and if you buy 3, the third only costs 50% of the price.

Let me know in the comments what is your favorite pair of Calzedonia tights! The tattoo tights also caught my eye, and I think I will also buy them this year, what do you think?

Note- this is not an ad, sponsored and we gain nothing from these type of posts. 


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