Ready for a new Bali Body launch? Come and try it with us…

Hello beauties,

The title says everything, and today we have a treat for you. And for us. Because we received a new Bali Body product, and we have been trying it this past week to tell you everything that you need to know about it. Is it really good!? How are the results? Everything …

Last week we wanted to tell you everything about this product, but we couldn’t. We made a vow of secrecy until October 19th! But today’s the day…Without any delays, here’s the Bali Body Airbrush Instant Tan.


If you ask me, I love the name because it’s appropriate for what it does.

For more informations, click in here, it will lead you directly to Bali Body’s website.

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What the packaging says…

“Achieve bronzed, smooth & flawless skin, i stantly. It’s like an Instagram filter in a bottle. This lighweight adrated spray evens skin tone, blurs blemishes & covers imperfections. Fast drying & transfer resistant. Providing a perfect tan in seconds.”


Step 1: Shake well before use.

Step 2: For best results, hold the can 15 cm/6 inches away from the skin. Spray directly onto skin & blend with a tanning glove for an even-looking tan.

Step 3: Wait 60 seconds to dry before getting dressed.

My opinion

I like it. Why? Simple. Imagine this scenario – this year you didn’t have the time to go to the beach, or like me, you are genetically pale, but you are going to have a wedding or some kind of party where you want to have a healthy look, like you came from a weekend in Bora Bora? This product is what you need.

Take into consideration that the results can be different according to the quantity of product you apply. What I want to say is that you can build. More product, more layers, tanner you will look.

Don’t skip the use of a tanning glove. Or a blending brush. This is what will help you spread the product evenly. And don’t be afraid of using it. When you spray it on the skin, it can be scary. You may think that it will look too dark, or that won’t be even…but don’t worry, the color is not too dark and you can easily build it.

The right leg has one layer of product, the left leg has nothing! you can see the difference, right? very natural…

I don’t like to look too tanned. I’m very pale, and what I like about this product is that by just applying one layer, the skin looks even and natural. Like I came from a day on the beach. Imagine it like a foundation one/two tones above yours.

I have some visible varicose veins, and with two layers of this product, they stay are covered. I like it. I almost forgot to say that it dries quickly, like 1 minute, and you can go your own way.

I only have two cons about this product: 1) you have to be careful with clothes while you are applying it, or in my case with white rugs because it can be a mess! The good news is that I washed it immediately, and all the stains are gone. 2) this is a washable product, which means it will be gone after two showers, and I wanted it to last longer.

I know the bottle looks tiny, but a little goes a long way and because this is a washable product, it’s only to be used on special occasions. Or you can always buy more bottles and use it every week…ahahah

Don’t forget to check the application video, as you can see it’s really simple!

Are you excited to try this product? Let us know in the comments.


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