My first experience with a vegan shampoo – Herbal Essences new lines

Hello beauties,

My hair is difficult, if it was a person, I imagine it as a children that makes tantrums for everything and nothing! Sometimes I wash it and looks beautiful, other times it looks awful. Sometimes I use really expensive shampoos, and others I use cheap products and my hair loves it. Sometimes is the contrary! 

So I learned that it doesn’t have to do with the cost of the product but the ingredients (and which side I woke up that day). I now know that I can’t use products with keratin or Argan oil (my hair hates this type of oil) as the main ingredient. Those two ingredients are a no no.

So I’ve been testing a lot of hair products and I have to say that I think I found a brand that my hair overall likes – Herbal Essences.

A few posts ago I talked about one of their shampoos – Avocato oil & Aloe. It has probably my favorite scent of all time, if they one day decide to launch a perfume, I will definitely buy it. The scent remains in the hair for more than three days and you can’t imagine how good the house smells after washing the hair with that shampoo. Unfortunately, the conditioner does not contain enough moisture for my hair type so I decided to try another line.

When I went to the supermarket I saw their coconut milk line and bought it. I used the shampoo and conditioner and liked it, but the second time I bought it, I saw that I didn’t bought the normal shampoo but a vegan version. And I have to say that my immediate thought was ‘this is not for me! My hair will hate it!’. But surprise surprise, it loves it! More than the normal version!

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I did some online search and discovered that Herbal Essences’ launched a lot of vegan products.

They also showed a lot of concern for the environment because all the bottles are 100% recyclable packaging made of recycled plastic (except labels and lids) and with ingredients of at least 95% of natural origin.

There are 4 lines of vegan products:

  • White grapefruit for shine (shampoo with 96% or natural origin and conditioner with 97% of natural origin)
  • Argan Oil for repair (shampoo with 95% natural origin and conditioner with 96%)
  • Coconut milk for hydration (shampoo with 95% of natural origin and conditioner with 96%)
  • Raspberry and Mint to purify and hydration (both shampoo and conditioner with 97% of natural origin)

Like I said, I’ve been using the coconut milk vegan shampoo and I really like it. So much that I’m finishing my first bottle and I’m definitely going to buy more. 

One curiosity about this product is that a little goes a long way. Don’t be like me, that in the first time, thought that ‘this is a vegan product it won’t make much foam, I need to use a lot’ and then  it took me half a hour washing the remain shampoo of my hair. Believe me, a little goes a long way – rinse well your hair, apply just a little bit in your hands, rub the product in the hands and then apply it on the hair. It will be more than enough! 

This means that you will spend less product, it will last more time, save money and save the environment because you will use less bottles. It’s a win-win.

The conditioner, like I said have 96% of natural ingredients. And I like how it leaves my hair smooth, I also felt a difference in the splint ends of the hair. They look healthier. Overall, since I’ve been using this line, the hair looks better. So for now, I’m not going to change. And let’s not talk about the scent of the products, because when it comes to that, herbal essences are masters!

The price is also very nice!

Do you use herbal essences? What’s your favorite line? Let us know in the comments.


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