Hawkers – Instagram made us buy it?

Hello beauties,

We can almost call today’s post something like: ‘Instagram made us buy it. Do you know when you open Instagram and are bombed with ads? Unfortunately, that is common, and sometimes it works – it did with us. You can’t blame the ads because there’s no gun pointed at your head … you just buy if you want, but it’s a trigger to consumers!

This time we are talking about Hawker’s sunglasses!

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A few months ago, we saw an Instagram ad about a hawkers promotion. It was something like buy one (-40%), buy two (-50%), buy three (-65%) and four (-70%). A good promotion, don’t you think?

Because we are two girls, we decided that the best was to buy four glasses (two for each one) and enjoy a better promotion. I remember, at the time that we did the math, and it was cheaper to buy four than two! Crazy, right?

So after a lot of conversations about our favorites, and the fact that some of them were not in the promotion, we found some cute glasses and went for them.

On today’s post, we wanted to show you what we bought because, like us, maybe you are torn between a few Hawkers glasses, and these types of posts were exactly what we searched at the time (and they helped). And let’s not forget that Hawker’s website is with a new promotion almost every month! If you are thinking about buying, this post is for you!



Hawker’s glasses are not new to me. I already own two glasses. Both were bought in a specialized store, and both are prescription glasses. One of them is currently broken (completely my fault), but the other is like new after a year of constant use, so I had in my mind that the quality of Hawker’s glasses were brilliant…

What I want to say is that at the first sign, the ones I bought online are not the same in terms of quality as the ones I bought in the oculist. In their defense, in the oculist, I had to choose specific glasses because of the prescription. The lenses have to be thicker and the frames too, making the glasses a little more resistant.

The ones I bought online have thin frames making them look more breakable and sensitive. This makes me not able to say per se that hawkers’ online glasses have lower quality than the optician’s. The one I have from the optician was on the website, at the time, and the only way to compare it was if I bought it.

Air Rose Gold Feline (from 49,99€ to 15€)
Black Sixgon (from 44,99€ to 13,50€)


This was the first time that I bought or had Hawker´s sunglasses in my hand. I heard a lot about them, and Rita always said good things about hers. When I received the package, I can’t say that I was not a little disappointed. I was expecting better quality. They look like they are going to break at any point, especially the black ones. In terms of style, they are on-trend and look good on me, at least, I like to see me with them. Maybe I chose the wrong sunglasses, and I need to see other ones from Hawker. Or maybe, the ones that are in the promotion, are of lower quality being that the reason why they were so cheap.

I am not saying, that I’m not going to buy more sunglasses from Hawkers, but now I will try to choose better.

Silver Smoke Brown Sixgon (from 44,99€ to 13,50€)
Northweek black (from 34,99€ to 10,50€)

What is your opinion about Hawker´s sunglasses? Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

e-mail: beautyworkerslive@gmail.com

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