Come find our first Advent Calendar!

Hello beauties,

For years we talk about buying an advent calendar for Christmas. But every year it’s been the same, we are always late to the good ones or the best ones are too expensive! Good news is that this is the year! It took a pandemic year for us to get an advent calendar, but we did it! 

So on todays post we wanted to share and show you what the Lookfantastic Advent Calendar of 2021 brings and do some math to see if it is really worth the money and all the buzz! 

Lookfantastic Advent Calendar 2021
Beautyworkers Blog

If you follow our blog, you know that every year around this time, we talk about the best advent calendars (the post is around the corner) and surprise, surprise Lookfantastic is always in our top ten of best advent calendars. They always have the cutest packagings and the products are always from top brands with a nice diversity of products.

Come and find out what it brings….

Illiamasqua hydra setting spray 30ml (+/- 6,89€) full size 100ml: 22,95€ 
Caudalie Vinosource hydra intense 15ml (+/- 8,80€) full size 50ml: 29,45€
Color wow dream coat 50ml travel size: 14,45€
Delilah retractable lip pencil full size 22,95€
Omorovicza refining facial polisher 30ml (+/- 24,14€) full size 100ml: 80,45€
Nars orgasm blush mini (+/- ?) full size: 28,45€
Rituals candle 140gr (+/-9,60€)  Full size 290gr: 19,90€
Ren overnight glow dark spot sleeping cream 10ml (+/- 11,09€) full size 50ml: 55,45€
Radial dragon’s blood sculpting gel 15ml (+/- 28,94€) full size 50ml: 96,45€
Diego Dalla Palma Kohl Kajad full size 16,95€
Avant Sumptuous glycolic acid hand balm full size 104,45€
This works stress check mood manager 10 ml (+/- 4,84€) full size 35ml: 16,95€

Kate Somerville goat milk moisturizing cleanser 30ml (+/- 9,75€) full size 120ml: 39€ 
Aveda Botanical repair strengthening 25ml (+/- 9,49€) full size 100ml: 37,95€
Philip Kingsley elastic-styler 5-in-1 40ml (+/- 10,65€) full size 150ml: 39,95€
Shiseido Ultimate Power concentrate 10ml (+/- 22,65€) full size 30m:67,95€
Percy & Reed wonderbalm 30ml (+/- 8,78€) full size 75ml: 21,95€
Iconic London illuminator mini (+/- ??)  full size: 33,95€
AHC Essential real eye cream full size 29,45€
Bubble t bath fizer full size: 4,5€
Christopher Robin purifying scrub 40ml (+/- 6,31€) full size 250ml: 39,45€
Bioeffect EGF serum 3ml (+/- 29,19€) full size 15ml: 145,95€
Balance me beauty sleep hyaluronic mist 10ml (+/- 5,55€) full size 45ml: 25€
Elemis dynamic resurfacing facial wash 30ml (+/-8,69€) full size 150ml: 43,45€
Espa clean & green detox mask full size: 47€

Unfortunately we received two similar products – the Balance Me Hyaluronic mist, instead of a This works stress check mood manager! We are not mad about it, but it’s a bummer because I really wanted to try the stress check mood!

Now it’s time for some math, if we add all the items the total price of the box is around 436€ and we only payed 95€! On the website they say that the box is worth 475€ and thats understandable because we calculated the value of each item according to the price of the full size but we know that mini sizes are always more expensive!

The initial question was ‘Is it worthy?’ and we think the answer is clear – YES!

Lookfantastic is a website that is known for their monthly boxes full of products as their promotions in almost every product! Their emails are always full of temptations, so if you are not subscribed, we really advice you to do it quickly. 

What do you think? Let us know whats your favorite product and if you have any advent calendar on your radar!


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