Same piece, different styles – how to style Zara 90’ full length jeans 

Hello beauties,

Today’s post is a little different. A few weeks ago, we received a message from Michele Goes Glossy for a collaboration, and because we love her aesthetics as well as the blog content, we had to say absolutely yes! 

We had some ideas for posts but unfortunately we are through a period of our life where we don’t have time out of work, and this limited the options. When I say we are both full of work, it’s really full of work. We had to think about an idea that could work for us and Michele. And we can’t complain because it was such a luck that Michele came to Portugal for a visit, because we came to the idea of buying some clothes at Zara and style them according to our taste. Fun, right? There is no woman or man equal and different persons have different styles, and that’s the beauty of fashion and style! All comes to taste and the type of style!

We did some research and one of our main points was to pick a piece with a good price, something that everyone can buy without worrying or think about selling a kidney! We do love a good bargain but again, who doesn’t? 

And how are we, because we found the perfect pair of Zara jeans that only costed 15,99€ (ref.2553/060)! These are in a light blue and they are called the 90’ full legth jeans. Remember Britney’s 2000 videoclips? She was a big fan of this type of jeans. 

It was fun and the process of thinking about how to style them is something that we enjoyed. It’s cold in Portugal, and although this type of jeans are more for a spring look, we conjured some cute Autumn, even Winter looks! Hurray for us!

Truthfully Michele did a better job that us, because we kind of cheat and separately went to a Zara store with the jeans that we previously bought online, and style them with pieces that were on the store. Ahahaha But we had a reason, at the time, we had all of our winter/autumn clothes in bags to clean and change for the spring/summer ones. 

We hope you like these type of posts, because we have more for you! 




What do you think? It was kind of a ‘The Sisterhood of the traveling pants’! The pants are even similar to those in the movie! 

We really loved to do this collaboration! It’s was such a pleasure and really nice to see different styles! Coincidentally, we think that we kind of have a style taste that’s very close, don’t you think? We definitely could use what Michele used!

Thank you Michele! Next time what do you say about a makeup post? Ahahah


10 thoughts on “Same piece, different styles – how to style Zara 90’ full length jeans 

  1. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with you! Love the cosy looks and the one with the green blazer😍 Can’t wait to see your looks for the next collaboration article🤗
    And who knows if next year, there won’t be one regarding makeup 😊

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