Same piece, different styles (Part 2) – how to style Zara oversized denim overshirt: Collaboration Article with “Michele Goes Glossy” 

Hello beauties,

This year denim is on trend! So, if you liked our last post where we collaborated with the lovely and always fashionable Michele Goes Glossy, today we have a treat for you – a part 2!

Last time, we styled a 90’s denim jeans (post here) and this time it was Michele’s time to chose a piece! And she picked a Zara Denim Overshirt! Honestly it was a challenge for us because this piece is not our style but we love challenges and we have to say that in the end we loved the piece and we can’t wait to use it more… 

Zara ref.5252/221 (25,95 Eur)

To give you some inspiration (our top mission on every post) each one styled this denim overshirt in three ways and if you are curious, check the full post in Michele’s blog (here).

Don’t forget to like the post and subscribe her blog, we think you’ll love her aesthetic and content! 

Thank you for the collaboration Michele, hopefully we will have more opportunities to do things like this! We loved it!

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