Products I have been trying and loving – November Edition

Hello Beauties,

Today we bring you important informations.

We are going to show you some products that we’ve been using and loving. With this information, we hope to help you 1)if you are thinking about buying one of these, 2)if you are just curious (like we are)!

So, it’s with some experience that we say with 100% sure that these products work for us! We can’t say that they will work 100% with you because each person’s is different, but we hope you love them as much as we do!!

Stay tuned because next month we have so many product to talk about…

1// Honest Beauty Makeup remover wipes – Makeup remover wiles are something that I don´t usually use on my everyday. But when we are on the road and with limited space, they are lifesavers.

I don’t have a great experience with makeup wipes, because the experience with previous brands that I used, is that they clean ok, but never 100% okay. It almost like they take the first layer but always leave some makeup behind. And what usually happens, is that I wake up with the so called panda eyes.

If you saw the post, What I received on my birthday, Rita gave me a bundle of goodies. One of them was the Honest Beauty makeup removers wipes. I used them on my last trip to Brussels, (if you want to know more about this trip, wait for future posts), and I was extremely surprised with them.

First, the scent is amazing. It’s fresh and clean. Second, this wipe, really remove the makeup, including the mascara. I didn’t wake up looking like a panda in Brussels.

These wipes are good for sensitive skin, and will leave your skin feeling clean and ready to go to bed.

2// Sebamed Clear Face – Working on a pharmacy has some pros. And one of them is receive some products to try.

I received the Sebamed Clear Face Antibacterial cleaning foam.

I am going to be honest with you. I didn’t have any expectative with this product. I just started using it because the previous cleanser ended and this one was near me when I needed.

But I need to take off the hat to Sebamed. I’m loving it, útil I have to say “loved”, because unfortunately it’s in the end.

The cleaning foam, cleans your skin, while it’s treating it. I used it while I was using a foundation that I like very much, but I know that, usually I breakup in the other day or even after two days. That didn’t happened, and I think it’s because of the Sebamed Clear Face.

I’m going to buy the full size of this foam.

3// Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Night Cream – I have oily skin, so it’s always a risk to know how a night cream is going to perform on my skin. The Eucerin Hyaluron -Filler line is not new to me, because a few months ago I used their day cream for combo skin and I liked it. Honestly it wasn’t something that I could write a song about but it did the job of maintaining the skin hydrated!

But the night skin is another case, because if I had the talent of Taylor Swift when it comes to write songs I think right now it would be blasting a song about this cream on the radio!

I love it! After aplying it I dont feel the skin oilier and in the morning the skin looks regenerated, smooth and healthy. It didn’t break out the skin and I love that the few lines that I had look less visible.

4// Quem disse, berenice? Lipstick in Castanhito – When I bought this lipstick I didn’t have high hopes. To be honest I didn’t bought it for me, it was for my mother, but she didn’t like the color, so I took it.

I am in love with everything about this lipstick – the gorgeous color, the fact that it makes my lips look fuller and the durability. After a couple of hours, after eating and drinking the remain color looks even more gorgeous than the initial color. It’s a win win! oh and the price is pretty nice!

quem disse, berenice? Lipstick in Castanhito color

5// Avène Thermal Water – I don’t remember if I ever talked about this thermal water but I’ve try it on summer and since then I am a huge fan. It does it job very well – refreshes the skin and is perfect to use after washing your face, as a toner!

6// ISDIN Woman Intimate Hygiene – Girl if you wash your intimate parts with the shower gel that you use to your body, you don’t know what you’ve been doing! Our feminine parts have a different pH than our skin and it needs a specific product to clean it.
I learned it many moons ago and when I started doing it, it was a game changer!

Since then and because I work in a pharmacy, I’ve been trying different products. I have two favorites – the D’Aveia Gynecological gel and the Lactacyd (the orange). But last month I received some samples of the ISDIN gel and I’ve been loving it. I’m in my second package – I received the package with the individual sachets, perfect for travel!

Let us know in the comments what are your favorite products right know! We would love to know.


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