If you like Disney, this post is for you…

Hello beauties,

Yesterday we received an email about the new Disney x Aldo collection and it’s to die for… and we immediately needed to show you! This year we’ve been seeing a lot of Disney collections and although that’s normal when Christmas is around, we’ve been noticing it since the beginning of the year. Disney products are all around the place…we even bought one or two pieces during the year!

One possible reason is because of the ”new” Disney plus channel and the fact that since the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of good movies started streaming directly there instead of a cinema, and let’s not talk about the series like Loki, Wandavision, The Falcon and Winter Soldier (and so many more…) making it one of the most watched channels. Another reason is because it’s Disney and everything that has Disney on it is cute and sells, who doesn’t love a cute Disney themed pijama?

But back to Aldo collection…it is Cinderella themed and the shoes are a dream, don’t you think? We want them all in our closet! and the bags are beautiful, not very practical but we would rock it on a date with friends or even a wedding! There’s also the Stepsisters shoes but unfortunately they are still not available in Portugal!

Aldo 1// to 4// 119,95€ 5// 139,95€ 6// 69,95€ 7// and 8// 69,95€

Do you want more Disney products? We have more…

1// Lefties 15,99€ 2// Lefties 9,99€ 3// Pull and Bear 19,99€ 4// Modalfa 19,99€ 5// Tezenis 7,99€ 6// Tezenis 25,99€ 7// Primark 10€ 8// Primark 8€ 9// Calzedonia 2,95€

Let us know what are your favorite product in the comments!

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “If you like Disney, this post is for you…

    1. They are so gorgeous, I totally agree with you! I’m tempted to buy a pair but this year I’m trying to make conscious purchases and when I look at these shoes, I think ‘where am I going to use them?’. They are not very practical for work and with covid, weedings are on a stop train…


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