Yves Rocher Beauty Advent Calendar 2021

Hello beauties,

Christmas is around the corner and with that are the beauty advent calendars! A few weeks ago we showed you the Lookfantastic advent calendar of this year (here) and last weak was the time to show you some other Advent Calendar that in our opinion are some of the best (here).

And today we got another one to show you…the Yves Rocher beauty advent calendar!

As you may know, we are fans of Yves Rocher products, because they are made consciously (just like the packaging) and they work. The prices are nice and fair if we compare with other brands.

Yves Rocher Beauty Advent Calendar 2021


It’s beautiful, isn’t is? The colors, the theme…it screams Christmas and winter time!

But now it’s time do to some math and see if is worthy? Shall we?

What it brings?


  • The ultra-fresh cleansing gel with micro-alga full size: 7,95€ 30ml: 1,90€
  • The 2 in 1 Makeup removing micellar water full size: 8,95€ 50ml: 2,34€
  • Soothing Foam Mask with organic chamomile full size: 5,95€
  • Regenerating Balm Mask with organic marigold full size: 5,95€
  • Repairing antipollution day cream full size: 19,95€ 7ml: 2,79€
  • Repairing antipollution night cream full size: 19,95€ 7ml: 2,79€


  • Nail polish Go Green 08 Gingembre Rouge full size: 4,95€
  • Lipstick Rouge Vertige full size: 9,95€
    Intense metamorphose limited edition full size: 11,95€
    Pencil Khôl full size: 6,95€ 0,78g: 5,42€


  • Hand Cream Orange Fondante full size: 2,95€
  • Botanical Body Scrub full size: 9,95€ 30ml: 1,99€
  • Repair body lotion karite full size: 12,95€ 30ml: 0,97€
  • Lip balm mure gourmande Full size: 2,95€


  • Botanical balm full size: 7,95€ 30ml: 1,99€
  • Shampoo Reparation full size: 4,95€ 50ml: 0,83€
  • Rinsing vinegar full size: 5,95€ 50ml: 1,98€
  • Hair mask 2 in 1 repair full size: 3,95€


  • Eau de parfum Plein Soleil 10ml: 9,95€ 4ml: 3,98€
  • Eau de parfum Sel D’Azur 10ml: 9,95€ 4ml: 3,98€

Price of the Advent Calendar 49,95€

Total of products: 79,54€

What do you think?

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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