My trip to Brussels

Hello Beauties

This month I took a weekend and went to Brussels.

Unfortunately, due to work and other choices, we just had a day to visit Brussels, because we also want to visit Bruges. Because we just had a day in Brussels, our itinerary was made to see the most of it in only 12 hours! That is crazy, right?! But it is possible.

I can’t say, that I saw everything that Brussels has to offer, but the most important yes, I think I saw.

When we visit a new city (whatever time we have to visit it), one thing that I LOVE to do is a Free Walking tour.

The Free walking tour is the best way to see a city and to get to know the city by walking and not paying a lot, because in the end you just give what you think the tour and the guide deserve. I always give something, because it’s their job and I always think they deserve. They know so much about the city, and it’s interactive.

A Free walking tour is my first advice, when you want to see a city, especially when you don’t have much time.

The second advice is to plan before going. Make an itinerary ahead, so you don’t get lost in what you need to see or search what is near, and don’t waste time.

Usually I make the itinerary, first by searching others blogs, read what their advices and what’s better. Second, I like to buy a book of the city. They are good books, because they bring some itineraries, maps, etC. The last part of making the itinerary, is using the right apps. My favorite app, is the is an awesome app, first because before going you can make the download the map of the city, and then you can use it offline to always know where you are you. Second you can make the itinerary by day in the app, and then you just pin it. Third, it also gives suggestions of restaurants and others attractions near.

The third advice and last advice but not less important, is to choose the right hotel. When we just have one day to see a city, the better the location of the hotel, the best. So I prefer to give a little extra money, and be well situated, then have to loose time by using public transfer. Oh and if is with Breakfast included, even better.

I think these are my tips to make an great trip to a city.

Now let’s talk about Brussels.

When I said to some people that I was going to Brussels, some said that it is a city without nothing to see, and not good, etc. I totally disagree with that sentence. But, even before going I always said that is not true. Even the most remote city or village in the world has something to see and is beautiful in it’s own way. I’m not picky when it comes to travel. I just want to go, and discover the world.

I arrived at Brussels on a Friday night, and I was received by an beautiful spectacle of color and sound near central station.

Beautyworkers blog

Saturday was the day to visit the city. In the morning we did the free walking tour, and it was superb. I highly recommend this tour. I booked this tour before I went to Brussels in the site Civitatis. In one morning we passed through half of the points of our itinerary.

I need to say, that what many people say about the Manneken Pis is true. It’s a little of a disappointment, like Mona Lisa. It’s so tiny.

Beautyworkers blog

I am not going to write here the full itinerary, but just show you some pictures of the places and buildings that I went. If you want a full itinerary, I can help you. Just DM us, and I will help creating your own itinerary.

Like I said before, in one day, we need to decide what we think is the most important to see. For example, the Atomium was an attraction that we wanted to see but we couldn’t arrange space during the day to visit it, because it’s far from the center of the city and the rest of the attractions.

But I arranged a way to still see it, that was dinning there. And I can say that it was fantastic. The food was great, the ambient was nice and the staff very professional.

Talking about food. The most typical food in Brussel is the Mussels, that I tried and liked. I love seafood. I tried in the one of the emblematic and tradicional restaurant of Brussels, The Chez Leon.

Beautyworkers blog

Other two typical foods are the Waffles and the Brussels Fries, that you can try like street food.

If you love Chocolate, Brussels is the right city for you. They are considered one of the best chocolates in the world. Maybe Swiss say the same, but in this rivalry I can’t say nothing, because I’m allergic to chocolate, so I can’t try.

The Hotel

I stayed in the Saint Nicholas hotel. I traveled a lot in my life, but I can honestly say that I stayed in one of the biggest rooms of all time. It was big and comfortable. The bathroom was so big, and well illuminated. The shower was amazing, almost like a spa. The breakfast was nice, with some variety. The only aspect that I can say that maybe it could be improved, is the location plate in the street. We arrived at midnight, and we spent almost 30 minutes in the middle of the street trying to locate the hotel. Why? Because there’s nothing saying the name of the hotel and the entrance is the same as the restaurant/Bar.


Brussels has a lot to see, that can also be seen by foot in one day if well organized. I still have things to see and do there, that need to stay for another time. Beautiful city, with great culture and nice people.

In another post, I’m going to talk about Bruges and Gent.



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