The product I need to rave about…

Hello beauties,

If you remember, a few weeks ago we talked about Lookfantastic’s advent calendar (post here) and the truth is that since that day we have been trying some of the products we received. The products on this calendar were divided by me and Joana (we divided them using a random application and it was quite funny), one of the products that I got was Kate Somerville’s Goat Mil Moisturizing Cleanser.

What’s it? According to the website:

“A gentle daily face wash that’s formulated to cleanse and soothe without tightness or irritation. Its enhanced, non-foaming, creamy formula removes makeup, dirt, oil and impurities while maintaining skin’s radiance and essential moisture.”

Beautyworkers blog

I must say that Kate Somerville’s products have always caught my attention and I’ve wanted to try a product of this brand for a long time, so when I had the Goat Milk Cleanser in my hands to say that I was very excited is not enough… but I have to be honest, after a few days I was in doubt if I would fully appreciate this cleanser. Why?

I have a combination type of skin, sometimes even oily, and whenever I try a cleanser without being my usual Toleriane from La Roche Posay, I have had terrible results. On top of that, this cleanser is specifically a moisturizing cleanser that contains goat’s milk and promises to moisturize sensitive skin.

But I took a chance and you know what? I’m in heaven because I think this is the best product I’ve tried in the last two years! I can only remember another product that I tried at the beginning of the year that I like as much as this one, but that’s for another post.

I’m so happy. This cleanser leaves my skin smooth, without the feeling of pulling, moisturizes in the right measure, not causing the skin to be oily or dry. I can say that it balances my skin in a way that no other cleanser has ever done.

Breakouts? Zero with this, occasionally one pimple in a certain day of the month. I think the fact that my skin is also sensitive is the bigger answer to why it likes this product so much, because like I said, this is a cleanser specific for sensitive skin. It feels like a silky cream and you immediately feel it hydrating the skin.

Cleansing? 90%. That’s because I believe that no cleanser can perform a 100% cleansing. As a rule, when I want to remove makeup, I use an oil first and then I use this cleanser. On days when I don’t wear makeup, I only use this cleanser.

The packaging has 30ml and the truth is that I’ve already spent more than half. But don’t make a mistake if you think I didn’t spend too much, because you only need a small amount. The first time I used it, I took a lot of product in my hands and to this day I still regret it. It’s not necessary. I use a quantity of product the size of a blueberry and it’s enough. More than enough, I might add.

The smell is not my favorite, because it is very sweet and I prefer fresh scents, but I don’t mean by this that it’s unpleasant, far from it.

Would I change anything about this product? No. Well, maybe the price but I still can’t complain because it’s not one of the most expensive products, its price is well leveled with the prices of many cleansers sold in the pharmacy.

Do I advise this product? Absolutely. I don’t know how to say how much more I like it and how I wish I had tried it earlier. I think it would have helped me in some bad phases of my skin a few years ago. Here at home it’s hidden, so people in here don’t try and like it, this one is only for me. Sorry. Not sorry.

Have you tried this product? What’s your favorite Kate Somerville product? Let me know in the comments.

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