Christmas present ideas – Box full of good things! 

Hello beauties,

I own you an apology because last Friday there was no post. It was my birthday and with messages, calls from friends and family and all that I didn’t had the time to write or plan anything. On top of that there’s work, because it was a normal day at pharmacy which means caos! Joana is traveling so she’s also busy. I (Rita) thought about writing something in five minutes but I think it’s better to do something with quality than quantity, don’t you think? 

During this weekend I thought about what to write today, and because I’m in the middle of my Christmas shopping for friends and family, and it’s been weeks of “what do you want for your birthday?”, I thought “why not to talk about products that can be good gifts!”.

These are products that you can give alone or combine. This year I’m doing that for friends, I’m gathering products that I would love to receive, put all in a box and offer them. Joana will have a big surprise this year for Christmas because I think her box won’t close with so many good things that I gathered! Xiuuuu don’t tell her but her box have some of these products! (She’s busy, she won’t read this before Christmas ahahah)

Without any more delays, here’s some products that I would love to receive and offer to someone…. 

I hope these will give you some ideas for your Christmas gifts! If you need ideas to gather a beautiful box send us an email, we will help you!


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