Bruges – The Postal Card city

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Brussels (here), and at the time I said that I was going to talk about the other city that I went to! Now is the time, because todays post is about Bruges!

I just stayed some hours in Bruges, and was raining a lot, but it was enough to fall in love with this little city.

Bruges is a little city in Belgium. Described as one of the most romantic cities in the world, and I can understand why.

It won in 2000 the prize of Unesco World Heritage site and in 2002 the title of Capital European of Culture.

Imagine streets with stone pavement and candelabra illuminating, horse-drawn carts passing by. Like a medieval city lost in time. The houses are made of brick.

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The most important part of the city is Markt, the main square. This square has neogothic buildings, the Palace of Bruges, and the most important building of Bruges is the bell tower of Bruges.

All the streets have cute coffee shops, souvenir shops, chocolate shops, and other cute shops. (cute, is the best way to describe them).

Maybe the fantasy and the well-preserved aspect of a medieval city is because Bruges was not known for more than four centuries. Just in the century of XX, when was almost abandoned, it was a target of a deep restoration to become an important tourism destination.

There are some buildings that you can see. The ones that I referred to before, and also two museums. The Gruuthuse museum, which is a medieval mansion. And the Groening Museum, which is an art museum.

The most famous activity to do in Bruges, and, unfortunately, because of the rain, I didn’t have the chance to do, is the boat ride by the canals.

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You don´t need more than a day to see the entire city. A day is enough.

To see the city you can catch a train in Brussels, and in more and less one hour you are there. And you can choose to see the city in your way, or by the way I did – with a tour.

I bought the tour on the site GetYourGuide, which goes by bus to Gent and Bruges. It’s a way to see in one day, two cities, with a guide that explains the story of the place you are, in English (the one I chose).

An advice that I can give you if you go on your own, is to do a Free tour in Bruges. I think it’s always a good way to know the place. Like I said in the Brussels post.

Now I will leave you with some pictures of this Beautiful city.

Next post, is about Gent.



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