Sephora Collection Size Up Mascara

Hello beauties,

Last week I had what I considered my first bad experience with Sephora. I don’t know how Sephora works in your country but in Portugal, there are three stages – white when you do your first shop in the store, then you pass to the black card and if you spend more than 500€ a year, you become a Gold card. A few months ago they started a system of points, where you can change them for some products (nothing special). This has been done in for years…

I’m a Gold Card for years…and from time to time, I receive some offers in my email. Last friday, I received an e-mail saying that they had something for me! If I went to the store they would offer me a bag with ten products (from the image they look to be good products), and if I did an order online, they would give me a small bag with four small products from sephora collection.

I was working all day so I asked my father to go to the store. I gave him my golden card and the email.

I had placed a good order the week before, so I asked him to buy me a shower gel from Rituals (I really like them). Which was not my surprise when he called me to say that the information given to him was that in order to receive the bag, he had to buy spend €100 in the store! In the email it was clearly saying that I would receive the bag with a purchase of any value! So I did what I could at the time, which was to call the store’s customer support.

I have to say that I was very well assisted in customer support! The lady I spoke was very friendly and called the store to find out what had happened and why they were giving that information. It took me five minutes and I called my dad again. He went back to the store (I have to add that it was a big sephora, in a large, busy shopping center), and when he got there, the same assistant who had told him that he had to spend that absurd amount of money told him that they didn’t had more bags and they had only received three! unbelievable. In a space of five minutes they went from ’you have to spend 100€’ to ’we don’t have more bags’!

In my opinion, they received more bags (after all, it was a big store). But the products were so good, they kept them. I could be wrong, and if I am, I’m sorry. Anyway, when I got home, I placed an online order. I ordered a pack of cotton swabs to see if the online offer came with any order! And it came. But I must say I was expecting other things!

I’m going to talk about this offer today, more specifically the size up mini mascara from the sephora collection brand. This mascara is so mini that my nephew fingers are bigger than it! But it has enough product to test!

Mini Size Up Mascara Sephora Collection

I love Sephora collection products, their matte lipsticks are phenomenal (my favorite is number 13, a rose malve) and their skincare is really good, the face masks and from another world! But I have to say that I hate this mascara. Although the brush is exactly how I like them -big – it hurts my eyes! It stings my eyelashes every time I try to apply the mascara.

After a couple of minutes the product is still wet, it takes ages to dry and then it smudges the eye! I’m so mad about it! It’s the second time that I try it and both times happened the same! I’m working, I want something easy to apply and that I can leave the house without worrying to look like a Panda!

Beautyworkers blog

It promises immediate supersized volume and honestly it gives some volume, yes, but then it’s not something phenomenal, something that I don’t see with other masks with the same price, for example Lash Paradise from L’Oréal, which in my opinion is superior in everything!

Have you tried the Size Up Mascara, what do you think about it? Let me know in the comments.


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