Sephora The Seaweed Mask

Hello Beauties,

Today is a post about a mask review! We’s been ages since our last mask review! Remember the monday mask segment that we used to have? ohhh how long was that…we miss it!
The mask that I’m going to talk about is the Sephora Seaweed mask, fun fact is that I received it as a present of the mystery friend.

I didn’t knew this mask, until I received it. So I did a little research.

It’s a mask made of 94% natural ingredients. This in particular has as main ingredient Chlorella.

What’s Chlorella, you may ask… well, Chlorella is a super vegetal known by its content in protein. It helps purify and illuminate the skin.

The seaweed mask has as functions:

  • Hidration;
  • Protection of the skin against discomfort, by making a shield;
  • Revitalize;
  • Purify;
  • Radiance;
  • Illumination of the skin.

Mode of use:

  1. Unfold the mask;
  2. Apply in a clean and dry face;
  3. Leave for 10 minutes;
  4. Remove the mask;
  5. Massage the excess.

Before giving you my opinion, I just want to ask you a question.

My Opinion

I read that it’s made of hydrogel, but I was not expecting it to be the perfect Christmas mask. It´s so green!!

The application is easy, it adjust well to the format of the face, and it almost glue to the skin, not moving for all the 10 minutes.

The scent is strong. At least for me, it smells like man perfume. Don’t get me wrong, I like man perfume, but when you have it in an intense way for 10 minutes near your nose, it can be a little too much.

During the 10 minutes, I felt a little discomfort in the skin. Not to the point of needing to take the mask off, but it was not comfortable. Still missing some time to the end, I started to feel that the hydrogel was drying, and when I took it off, I didn’t had any excess of product to massage. (something that im used to when it comes to face masks).

I think that this happened because I don’t have an oily skin and the hydration that a hydrogel mask gives is not enough to me.

I agree that it provided a purifying aspect to the skin and also an illuminate or radiate effect. My skin was radiant in a good way, and I fekt it clean/purified.


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