How good is the Huda Beauty Legit Lashes mascara?

Hello beauties,

My birthday was in the beginning of this month and Joana offer me a pack from Huda Beauty that contains a palette and a mini Legit Lashes mascara.

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Needless to say, I was delighted. I have a few huda eye palettes and most of them are on top of my favorite eye palettes! As for the mask, I must say that I thinking about buying it for some time, first because I was in need of a new mascara and second because I saw a video where Huda showed the difference with and without this mascara and I must say that it looked phenomenal!

This mascara is a little different as it has two brushes and custom formulas that were designed to give you perfect lashes. We can use both sides together or apart, according to the effect we want.

Side A - Volume: This formula features volumizing, super light fibers for extreme volume, without weight or stiffness. Fuller lashes in just a few passes.
Side B - Curvature and Length: This formula includes waxes and elongation fibers. With a unique curved brush to increase the length, define and curve even the thinnest lashes.

"For me, eyelashes are the epitome of femininity, and that's why I became obsessed with false eyelashes, because mine are so short and sparse! Finally, I have a mask that gives me the confidence to be free from false lashes when I want" - Huda Kattan

I tried this mascara and I will let the images talk…

What do you think? Well, I have to say that I’m very torn.

In my opinion this mascara wins in terms of curl and length. I don't think any other mascara lengthens my eyelashes as much as this one. It’s insane!  In terms of curl, yes, it's true it does curl the lashes and I can really see a difference in the pictures. I think the only mask that gives me the same type of curvature is the Benefit Roller lashes maybe because the brush is very similar.

Now in terms of volume, ehh I don't know! I think there’s other mascaras that offer more volume, like for example the Lancôme Monsieur Big or any one from Too Faced. If you want a more affordable one, there’s the L’Oréal Lash Paradise (the pink one). 
To see a difference with this one, I have to apply two layers and at the end of these layers the lashes are all glued together. They stick together and unless we can get them off using the length brush, we're going to end up with a clumpy look! ahah sometimes I like that look, it’s very 90’s. 

For all these reasons I think that the best result is obtained using the two brushes together or just the Curl and length brush.

Is this mask worth the 27€? I leave that to your discretion. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “How good is the Huda Beauty Legit Lashes mascara?

  1. If you have to use both sides of the mascara and that means end up with clumpy lashes, besides spending more time on the mascara application, then I don’t think €27 is worth it.

    I would like to try, though, the mascara from L’Oréal that you recommend. L’Oréal has so many mascaras, that I never know which one to buy.

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    1. I agree! It is an expensive mask! The curl side is really good but the volume side is really weak in comparison with L’Oréal Lash Paradise or Lancôme Monsieur Big!

      L’Oréal lash paradise (the pink one, not the blue) is really good, I hope you have the chance to try it and hopefully you’ll love it!

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