How to keep your skin in good condition after the festivities

Hello Beauties,

December is always a month full of events, dinners and parties…so the use of a lot of makeup to look our best is expected!

When we need to use heavy makeup for a long period of time, our skin can end up damaged, so we need to take care of it, to not end up with breakouts and other things.

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The first step, that can’t be considered a step because it’s something that should be always in our skincare routine is clean our face every single night! This is an important step! Only after we should continue with our night skincare routine. In times like these, we should not use a new cleaner that we don’t know how our skin will react, but instead, use our good and trusted cleanser that will clean all the dirt in our skin without irritating it.

The Second step to not have a bad skin after this long month is to exfoliate the skin. Start with a gentle exfoliator with acid lactic to give the glow, and then repeat after the events. When this month ends, do a exfoliating once a week to give your skin a restoration.

The third step, it´s to hidrate the skin with a good moisturizer and also a good mask, like a sheet mask. After all the cleansing and exfoliating, a hydration mask will restore the lipids of the skin

What do you think? What’s your secret to keep your skin in good shape after the festivities? Let us know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “How to keep your skin in good condition after the festivities

  1. Exfoliate my face and use a good moisturiser are definitely a must-do ritual. Besides that, when I use makeup regularly, I like to use a peel off mask or a mask that balances excess of oil, once or twice a week.

    By the way, enjoy the festivities 🤗😘

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      1. I’m using as a peel off mask the one from Florence By Mills “mind glowing peel off mask” (I will write a review about it this month) and the other mask is from Filorga Age Purify Double Correction (which I reviewed months ago).
        What are your favourite masks that you use weekly?

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      2. I saw the Florence By Mills mask at Douglas, I can’t wait to read your post about it…very curious!
        I’ve been using CleAn & Green Detox Mask by ESPA (I will also talk about it this month)!

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