Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

Hello beauties,

What a year! We had the continuation of the pandemic that slowed everybody’s lives, but we also had good things, don’t you think?

For us, we have to say that this year was a little better than the last, we had the vaccines that helped a lot of people, and because of them, our summer and Christmas were a little more ’normal’. Well, normal is not the best word because nothing resembles “the normal” but a little better than 2020, a year marked by the fear of the unknown.

A lot can happen in a year and for us, Beautyworkers:

  • we posted more than 130 times (more specifically 135 times) hurrayyyy
  • we had really good days with a lot of visualizations
  • we had six collaborations
  • we grew our community, celebrating 616 new blog followers and 50 000 visitors! We are so glad that you’re here! Thank you! Really!

And because we are talking about milestones, we also wanted to check with you our 2021 resolutions and how we did with them, ready?


  • Drink more water : I did it! I think this was where I got better!
  • Try to not watch all the episodes of a series on Netflix at once: I wish! due to lack of time, nowadays I’m the person that no longer watches the entire series, I watch the first two episodes and then I don’t have time for more….
  • Take less pictures of my dog: nahhh I took even more photos, my phone is still asking for more space…too bad, she’s too cute, I need photos!
  • Send more messages to my friends and ask more if they are okay: I think I did it, unfortunately this year word was Work but I really tried!
  • Eat less sugar: I tried! I really did, but I love sweets! On the other hand, all of the cakes that I made this year were made using honey or a lot less of sugar…so hurray
  • Swap hikes for runs: sorry, no! I’m not made for runs, I don’t like it and my body also hates it! It’s just not for me, on the other hand, I hike a lot!
  • Use more the elliptical machine: I think by now the machine has spider webs…
  • Dedicate more time to the blog: I tried…
  • Be more organized in terms of time: no, I just can’t…too much work!
  • Try not to think about work at home: I’m in piece and I accepted today that this is Impossible!


  • Be more present – I started well the year in this department, but I think I lost the focus in the end, but I can blame the amount of work, I think. Something to try harder in 2022.
  • Try to be a better person, especially to the closest one (family) – Exactly like the the first resolution. This last month, I´m going to be honest, I unloaded the stress of work on those closest to me.
  • Save money to buy an house – Yes, not yet enough, but trying.
  • Try to see a series (at least an episode per week) – Not an episode per week, but I started seeing the new Gossip Girl, and already ended the second season of Emily in Paris.
  • Read more (something that I love to do and not doing right now) – Just in the summer, unfortunately.
  • Keep the good work in term of workout; – Yes, I achieved it, and will continue on 2022.
  • Keep the good work in terms of healthy lifestyle (eat clean) – I have been more liberal with myself, but keeping the healthy Lifestyle 95% of the time, so yes, I achieved.
  • Dedicate more time to the blog (let’s grow this blog even more); – I really tried, but I need to focus harder on this point in 2022.
  • Be more organized in terms of my time, to have time to do everything I want in a day; – Not sure, if I achieved this one.
  • Try to not think about work (pharmacy) at home. – Failed completely on this point. It’s the last day of the year, and I still working from home.

We truly wish you a year full of love, luck and above all health, because that’s what really matter after all! Beauties, happy 2022!


3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

  1. I love this article! It’s nice to read how you dealt with your 2021’s resolutions. I so understand you. You always start well and then once work or personal projects take the best of you, then everything else goes to second plan. And the resolution about sweets and water! This has been the biggest fight in my whole life. But now reading it in your blog, I want to commit myself to change.

    Also, congratulations for the positive results and all the effort you put in your blog. You deserve it! I love reading your blog! May 2022 bring you even more success 🙌

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