What we received this Christmas

Hello beauties,

We call it a tradition to show you what we received for Christmas every year. We don’t do it to brag or anything like that because we don’t receive Dior bags or Chanel shoes, but what we receive, we adore with all our heart.

We think by now, you know a little more about us and you know that we are simple girls. We do love family, friends, values, and of course, makeup, skincare, and fashion (the three things that I like to call our vain side).

We do this every year since we have this blog, and it’s been what? Three years?! And we think this is one type of post that you may like because we love to know what other people receive. Do you?

You can call us gossip girls. We are. Sorry, not sorry.

Without any more delays, here is what we received this last christmas…


I’m going to show you a couple of things that I received, not al, because some are more personal, others I’m not sure that is something that you want to see. Besides what I’m going to share, I also received money. Who doesn’t love to receive money?!


This year the word that best describes what I received is money. I’m not complaining because I like it. But I think this was the year of laziness when we talk about presents that I received. I do ’t mind, I have something under my eye to spend it 😉 and we are almost in my favorite time of the year…sales!

It’s funny because I normally receive always a pajama and this year that I was in need of one, I didn’t received ahahah

Can you believe that I love this parfum but never bought it? luckily, I receive a very nice coffret from my parents and they really got it right! From Mango I received an earphone chain and from Parfois a chain that can be used as a mask holder or a Sunglasses holder. Lastly but not least, I received a french bulldog phone case! Is received a lot of fun socks but I’ve been using them since last week.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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