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Last week we received an email from Space NK asking us if we wanted to sign up for a Rose Inc Event. Of course, our answer was an absolute yes!

Rose Inc is not new to us because we already mentioned some products in this blog, in our segment ‘It’s new and we want to try it and ‘Clean brands’, so it’s no secret that we like this brand. Unfortunately, we didn’t review anything, because we didn’t try, why? We live in Portugal and it’s been a nightmare to receive orders from US and UK. But we are not giving up, just wait, we will review something one day…

But we are here today to talk about the event that happened yesterday! We wanted to tell you everything! We both were working but took some time, closed the office door and for an hour we took our place to this event! Don’t tell our bosses! Chiuuuuu

This event featured Rosie’s makeup artist/friend, Katie Jane Hughes, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley herself. As soon as we entered the event, the first thought was ‘wow they are both beautiful! Katie wasn’t wearing makeup (she purposely had a clean face to add makeup during the event) and Rosie, who seemed to have left from a magazine glamorous shot, had only a concealer and a blush! She’s beautiful, my God! And nice.

Look how gorgeous they are! On the left Rosie isn’t wearing lipstick. On the right, she’s wearing the shade Beams. On the left, Katie is wearing the concealer + Serum, and on the right, she’s wearing the blush in shade Azelia!

In the first part of the conversation they both talked about how they met, some looks Katie created for Rosie, and overall about their friendship and everything that has united them in the last years.

Then Rosie talked a little about the Rose Inc brand, how was important to find the right partnerships and have products that stand for themselves.

Then it was time to talk about skincare. The first product they talked about was the Skin Resolution Clean Exfoliating Acid Toner. Rosie pointed out that every Rose Inc product is non-comedogenic. Because she has acne-prone skin, everything needed to be good for acne-prone skin. She loves the Skin Resolution Clean Exfoliating Acid Toner because it’s a gentle daily exfoliation (she also mention that she likes to use this product especially in the evening).

The Skin Resolution Clean Exfoliating Acid Toner contains pink clay and multiple acids, such as Mandelic, Lactic, Glycolic, Tartaric and Peruvian acids. It’s important to shake well to disperse the pink clear. The pink clay is a great ingredient for acne-prone skin because is hydrating and calming at the same time. It’s also non-striping and non-dry.

She also mention that it was important that all products could be used during pregnancy.

Katie mentions the reusable cotton pads, saying that they are essential to clean the skin. Then they talked about the fact that the pads are anti-bacterial and bring a bag where you can put them in the washer machine (great to not lose them). Unfortunately, they didn’t talk more about this product, I was curious to know more about it, but it’s understandable.

Then it was time to the Radiant Reveal Clean Brightening Vitamin C Serum. Both girls said how much they love it and that they see results in the skin using it and when they try other products they miss this serum.

It was time to make up! They started with the concealer (Rose Inc doesn’t have a foundation, still). Rosie said that she uses this concealer every day. It can be used as a concealer for the under eyes but it can also be used around the face, doing an amazing job in terms of coverage and it’s buildable. The Softlight Clean Dewy Hydrating Concealer provides a luminous finish, it’s not matte but also not oily. Katie mention that she likes to use it along with the serum, transforming it into a tinted foundation. She said it makes the skin glowy and hydrated. (She used it live and it did look good).

Recently they launched brush number 4, which is specifically formulated for the concealer formula. One side is more precise (for the corner of the eye, for example), and the other is perfect to blend everything.

This concealer comes in 20 shades with different undertones. Rosie explained how important is to know our undertone, because if we know that it’s easier to get the right shade for you.

Rose Inc spends a lot of time working on color matches, so if you go to the Rosie inc website the IA can help you determine what’s the best color number for you. That part was crucial for them, and they are developing it more, for people do the virtual trying.

Then came the Blush Divine Clean Dewy cream! They talked a lot about them! Did you know that all blushes are named after flowers? We didn’t and it’s so cute, right?

Katie Jane Hughes started by using blush on the lips and omg! They tried to create versatile products.

The formula is very unique, it’s a cream (Rosie compared it to to a mousse) but has a dense pigment. Less is more. For Rosie, Building is the key. Brush number 2 is designed specifically to pick up the blush formula. Katie used Azelia shade blush, which is a more fair color. While Rosie used the Foxglove shade.

The blush can also be applied with the fingers. Rosie said that sometimes she loves to do that, and finds it sometimes even better than using a brush, depending on the time she has.

She even gave a tip. She likes to apply a little bit of blush around the brow bow, to give some contour, and definition to the area.

The blush packaging is reusable and they are going to introduce more of these products. They are thinking about ways to recycle and everything that’s around the concept of using reusable plastic. They try to be a conscious brand.

Both of them, when asked answered that they advise you to buy colors that normally attract you. For them, doesn’t exist a perfect color perfect for a skin tone, everything can be used, you just need to learn more about what you like.

Rose Inc is going to introduce some new blush shades, some neutral colors, this year!! Yeah

They still had time to talk about the Lip Sculp amplifying color. They are very rich, dense, and pigmented. But they are also very hydrating. Rosie at this time said that she wasn’t using lipstick and Omg! Her lips looked beautiful, pigmented, and full. If envy could kill… then she applied the lip color Beams, which according to her it’s her lip color but even richer and pigmented! And yeah, the color looks gorgeous!

Great news! They have a new launch in two weeks, it’s skincare meets makeup! Can you guess what it is?

In 2022 they have new launches every eight weeks. She didn’t want to launch everything together. She wanted to educate around and give time for the products to breathe and be on their own.

During the event, the participants could ask questions and I don’t know how, because there were a lot of questions but they answer two of my questions!

“Could we know what products you are wearing today? Beams on the lips, foxglove as blush!”

What about a mascara? I love big eyelashes, we have a lot of products to come!”

“What’s your favorite blush color? Rosie: that changes. I would say foxglove, it’s a coral, almost terracotta tone.”

“One product that Rosie can’t leave the house without? the brow shaping! She never leaves the house without this product”.

And we have discount code!! Receive 20% off Rose inc product at space NK with promotion code ROSIE20 valid until Friday 14th January 2022

We liked this event, it was a good hour and it passed so quickly! Hopefully, we will have more events like this! Thank you, Rosie, Katie, and Space No for hosting this event!


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