How to reuse an advent calendar box 

Hello beauties,

Last year (still feels strange to write this) we bought an advent calendar from Lookfantastic (click here, if you are curious) and after we took all the goodies, we were left with an empty box. A big one, I might add. 

After three months with it in a corner of my room, I thought ‘what am I going to do with this box?’. Throwing it away was out of the question, because the box is beautiful and after all, we pay it! 

So I thought and thought and thought ‘I have so much makeup, why don’t I use this book to organize some of it?’.

The truth is that I carry a lot of makeup in a case, in my bag. Lately I never have time to apply makeup at home, and when I get to work I try to take five minutes in the bathroom to do something (or at least try to look a little healthier with a mascara and a concealer).

I always had everything organized at home in terms of makeup and skincare, but everything was in two different necessaries. That’s why I decided to use this box for the makeup I keep at home, to see better what I have and what I need.

As you can see from the image, I used some of the ‘drawers’ to divide and form compartments where I put the products according to categories. Blushes with blushes, highlighter with highlighters and etc… And the best is that the box has the perfect size to one of my drawers!

Beauties, you can’t imagine how much makeup I took to throw away after this. All this process of taking it out of one place to pack in another, made me realize the silly amount of makeup I had. For what? Why do I need ten different powders? And ten eye mascaras? 

The first photo shows some of the products I carry in my bag, let’s call it my essentials. I can make a post about these products, would you like? The second picture shows the things I gave to my sister and the ones I threw away!

The truth is that most of the makeup that I had was old (especially the lipsticks) and I took this opportunity to get rid of them. I had a full box with lipsticks that was so full that it didn’t close. When I finished, I ended up saving just six lipsticks that I really liked and I couldn’t get rid of them.

Part of the makeup was old but still good so I decided to give it to my sister, she doesn’t mind, after all we shared a lot of things when we were young. I gave her mainly correctors because lately she has been complaining about dark circles.

I still had a lot of ‘drawers’, so I used them in two drawers of a dresser to store jewelry, sunglasses, iPhones cases and other things. I love having everything divided by categories and I think these ‘drawers’ have come to help me a lot. What do you think?

This week I want to clean up the makeup I have in my bag! Some I’ll pack in the Lookfantastic box and the rest I’ll keep in the bag (once again, why do I need to carry three different eye mascaras?).

What about you girls, do you also have the same problem as me, which is to accumulate makeup (that you don’t use) at home and especially in the bag? What do you do?


4 thoughts on “How to reuse an advent calendar box 

    1. Thank you, Michele! I really didn’t know what to do with the box (it so big) but I’m so happy with the result! Even more because it was the perfect excuse to throw away some products that I was not using! Thank you, I will definitely write an article about what I carry in my bag (spoiler: it’s too much ahahah)

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