Our Resolutions for 2022

Hello Beauties

Last year we shared with you our resolutions for 2021, we did some catching-ups during the year, and in the end of the it, we showed you what we accomplished and what we did not.


Last year, my resolutions were clear for me. I knew exactly, what I wanted. This year I don’t know why, but it´s been difficult to write my resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that I’m sure I want to dedicate my time and achieve in 2022 (or keep the same resolution that I initiated in 2021 throw 2022) but IDK why, it´s been difficult to write or put my ideas, dreams, and desires for 2022 in paper.

Because of that, I sat down and started to think. First I did a balance of 2021.

To write my resolutions I answered some questions.

  1. The first was what were the resolutions of 2021 that I didn’t achieve, and why;
  2. The second is if I’m going to try to achieve the resolutions that I propose to myself;
  3. The third is that I’m aware that I’m not going to achieve some of the resolutions. Maybe because of this one, I was not able to achieve some resolutions of 2021, I’m a little reticent of writing them again. Because I don’t like or don’t want to let myself down;
  4. If my goals have a purpose;

This were some of the questions that I answered to myself.

After some days or even weeks thinking, I was finally able to write my resolutions. This time I divided them into 3 categories and was more humble with myself, not putting too much pressure. But in another way, I put some ambitious tasks’ and really hard ones, but there are the ones that I wish I can achieve.

Another thing, is that, because I’m writing the resolution after a couple of weeks of 2022, I already can see how is my mindset to the goals and resolutions that I propose to myself.

Career resolutions

  • Proof that I’m worth of the position that I’m right now, and show that I´m ready for the next step;
  • Be more organized;
  • Don´t let accumulate work;
  • Be more bossy (I can’t explain, but in my head is clear what I mean)

Blog resolutions

  • Be more present;
  • Help grow the blog;
  • Be better than last year, do one more collaborations, have more viewers every single day then last year. What I mean is be better in every single point than last year.

Personal resolutions

  • Workout/move the body every single day;
  • Eat healthy 95% of the time;
  • Be more social;
  • Don´t let be influenced by what others think and say;
  • Be more objective;
  • Save money
  • Try to buy a house;
  • … (this is a little to personal to write)


Well, I had a simple list of things that I wanted to achieve this year, but after reading what Joana wrote, I had to organize the ideas in my head and re-think about everything in general.

If I think hard about it, 2021 was not a bad year. I achieved a lot of my resolutions (at least I’m happy with what I achieve) and my family is all alive and healthy, which today is something that is a priority in life! I appreciate and I am grateful for everything that happened to me the past year – the good and the not-so-good.

I’m a simple girl. At the beginning of every year, I have simple resolutions. Like being a better person, trying to stay healthy, finding a good boy (I’m not lucky in the romantic department), and doing everything in my power to be the best at work and as person. I think these are things that every single, working girl wishes.

I never put pressure on myself to achieve these things, because I know that I work for it 99% of the time. Sometimes it’s too much and is impossible to achieve everything. And I know that we always have to work 100% for everything, but I also know that there’s a thing called luck, stars aligned, the moon in the correct way, call it what you want…

So like I do every year, I’m going to list what I want to achieve this year, what I want to be best, and my goals. And I’m going to work at my best capacity to achieve these resolutions!

Career Resolutions

  • Delegate tasks (I have to stop thinking I can do everything)
  • Take 10 minutes to breathe (onde I saw an Oprah episode where she explained that 10 minutes a day to ourselves can make a big difference)
  • Stop bringing work home (my most difficult resolution to achieve but since the beginning of the year I stopped thinking or doing something related to work on weekends)
  • Don’t accumulate work
  • Be more organized in terms of time and task resolution at the same time

Blog Resolutions

  • Try to do write posts in advance
  • Try more products (something that I love)
  • Be more productive in all aspects
  • Have more collaborations (I loved the ones we had last year)
  • Have more fun, after all the purpose of this blog has always been to have fun!

Personal Resolutions

  • Try to buy a house (I don’t think it’s this year yet, but I’m saving for it)
  • Have more patience and be more calmer in situations
  • Be more present in the lives of friends and family (be that person who ‘is there’ for good and bad times)
  • Be more organized (at home I have to be more organized and when possible do one thing at a time and at other times try to organize the time so I can do more things at the same time)
  • Be healthier (do more exercise and eat less sugar)
  • Buy less and more consciously

What are your resolutions for this year? Let us know at least one of your resolutions in the comments. As always, we would love to know more about you!

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Our Resolutions for 2022

  1. I really like your resolutions and regarding the blog collaborations, I want at least one more collaboration with you 🤗
    My goals this year is enjoying every single day, knowing that every day I’m taking slow, but steady steps towards what makes me happy. Besides that, I have to agree with Rita, I want to eat less sugar, that causes me spots😭, and buy less and more consciously, this last one, is mandatory. It’s time to save money🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Michelle! We can’t wait to collaborate with you again! We loved the experience and the final articles 😉 You have great goals, specially the enjoying every single day! Continue pursuing your goals! Oh and yes, less sugar is mandatory (it’s the worst for blemishes, we understand you completely ahahah)


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