Ultimate pieces you need to buy in sales 

Hello beauties,

One of my 2022 resolutions was to buy more consciously and that means buying pieces that I need, fundamental pieces in a wardrobe, and more important with quality (not quantity). The truth is from time to time, I still want to indulge myself and  buy one or two pieces that I don’t need but that I like (we all deserve some treats from time to time, right?), even more if we can take advantage of a good promotion!

Versatile pieces are very important and I hope that in the future we will be able to write a post where we show you some ways to combine and form a look starting with a basic (but never boring) piece.

All this to come to the conclusion that there are key pieces that are fundamental to build a solid wardrobe foundation, basic pieces that can be combined in a thousand and one ways.

Today we wanted to put together and show you some of these pieces. The best? Each piece is at an incredible price, courtesy of the so-called Sales! 

This is the perfect time if you’re rethinking on how to approach your style, cleaning out your closet of unworn items of your past, or looking to update and elevate your collection of wardrobe essentials altogether. We hope to inspire you…

The go-to denim

This is the most basic piece, no wardrobe is complete without a pair of a high-waisted straight-leg pair. You can buy it in a classic blue, light blue or even black. This is most versatile piece you’ll have in your wardrobe!

The white button-up shirt

This is a total needed piece in every wardrobe and no matter your style you can’t denier it! It can be combined in so many ways and is a great foundation piece!

The Black leggings

Gone are the days when leggings were only used for working out. With zips, slits, flares, or stirrups, leggings with elevated details have improved the wearability of stretchy black pants. 

The chick sneaker

Even better if you can find ones that combine practicality, comfort, and a vintage aesthetic.

The tailored trousers

Some relaxed fit trousers can make almost any outfit look effortless, and we are here for it! 

The classic striped shirt

An 1858 regulation introduced the striped tee (or marinière) to the official wardrobe of quartermasters and sailors in the French Navy. Then it became a symbol of timeless French fashion and a very important element in many Vogue editor’s closets. It’s also very Emily in Paris and combined with the right pieces you’ll look a million bucks!

The leather jacket that goes with everything

A high-quality leather jacket can last decades, improves with age, and makes any outfit look effortlessly cool. This is a piece where you can indulge yourself.

The plain white t-shirt

If you’re going to buy just one item from the many must-haves on this guide, chose the white perfect white t-shirt! It never gets out of style!

The must have midi skirt

This is a piece that pops up nearly every season. You need one, no further explanation necessary!

The basic turtleneck

They are warm, sophisticated, and stylish when worn on their own or layered. What do you want more?

The Blazer

This is a piece that are great for work and a lot of other occasions. Indulge yourself and prefer a blazer with structure and quality! Believe us, it will make a diference.

The stylish sweatsuit

After a few years of living through the pandemic, fashion has finally accepted these pieces as more than just clothes for going to the gym. That being said, loungewear should be presentable for both indoor and outdoor, don’t you agree?

The classic coat

One of the most important pieces in every wardrobe, a longline tailored coat is an effortless and eternally chic way to pull together a look. 

What’s your favorite key piece, the one you know that no matter what, you can count on it to build a gorgeous look? Let us know in the comments.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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