Yves Rocher Super Mat Foundation [Review]

Hello beauties,

I received the Super Mat foundation from Yves Rocher as a Christmas present and after using it a couple of times, I wanted to talk about it in here.

This product is relatively new, if I’m not wrong it came out in December. This foundation came to substitute the Super Mat Zero Defaut foundation (we talked about it, here). For what I understand the Super Mat came with a better formulation and more natural ingredients, it promises to be a mattifying foundation, that also works as a pore minimizer.

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As we already wrote this a thousand times but we are big fans of Yves Rocher products, so it’s with big tears that I say : I don’t like this foundation!

This product had everything to became a favorite, first it has a matte finish, great for those with oily skin (me!) and it has an acceptable range of undertones and shades. The packaging is beautiful and the type of tube allows us to use every single drop of product until the end. It’s also great to carry in a bag because it weights almost nothing. 

Let’s talk about shades, because I have to say that I probably found the perfect shade color for me – the shade Rosé 200 of this foundation blends with my natural skin color beautifully. I may say that I never tried a foundation with a shade so on spot as this one! 

After saying this, you probably think ‘why don’t you like this foundation?’. Well let me explain, I’m on a phase of my life where I think that I never had my skin in so good condition, I look at it and of course that I’m not one hundred percent happy (and I will never be!), but after years battling with acne, I now think my skin is in a great shape! And the big proof is that I’m very comfortable not using foundation every day (like I did a few years ago). 

But after a couple of minutes using this foundation, I look at the mirror and the skin looks awful! 

In its defense, it didn’t break me out! At all! When I take it off at the end of the day, I never feel the skin with blemishes (or bumps) even in the day after (something that’s common happening when I use makeup). So I can say that this is a good foundation for acne prone skin. The scent is also very pleasing, it has the Yves Rocher powder rice scent that I like. 

The problem is that my skin looks older when I use this foundation, it show every line, every spot, every imperfection is enraged and overall it doesn’t sit well on my skin. Maybe is because I have also dehydrated skin, but I had the care of always using rich creams /primers before applying this foundation, but the result is always the same. 

If you see me far away, or if I take a picture far away, it looks okay (not great) but if I take a close picture OMG it looks awful! I think the pictures speaks for themselves…

Far away it doesn’t look too bad
Now look close…the skin looks dry and patchy. The lines are enraged…

What do you think? I’m so sad because I really wanted to like this foundation. I’m going to donate it to some friend that has very oily skin, but no dehydrated skin, maybe it works on them, but definitely not on me.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Super Mat Foundation [Review]

  1. Mat foundations sometimes can be tricky, if too mat it ends up showing all the pores like is happening with this yves rocher foundation. At least you tried it and now you know it. If you wouldn’t try it, you’d be wondering how it looks like for sure 🙂

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