Rare beauty Lip Soufflé *Review* – My first Rare Beauty product! 

Hello beauties,

Rare beauty is day after day marking its position in the makeup world. It´s launch, after launch and every product has positive reviews. Their products are always commented on social media, and Selena Gomez has been praised as a makeup god!

Since its release, I’ve been crazy to try at least one of their products. To me, what sold was Selena’s YouTube videos, where she showed her makeup routine. Let’s be honest. She’s gorgeous without makeup, but the final result was always phenomenal. And the fact that she thought about the packaging for people with disabilities is insane and shows how good her heart is!

The products that called my attention were the eyeliner because I’m an eyeliner fan, can’t live without it, and the red/orange lip soufflé that Selena loves to use, her trademark, can we say it?

Fortunately, it didn’t take a lot for Rare beauty to be available in Portugal, and the good news is that Rare beauty will start to be available in Sephora stores and not just online.

The makeup gods heard me because guess what product was between Joana’s Christmas present for me? Yeahhhh, the Lip Soufflé duo

Beautyworkers blog

This is a great product if you want to try the lipsticks, and see if you like the formula, because it brings two different shades!

The lip soufflé duo brings the bestseller shade ‘Courage’, a gorgeous nude mauve, and the new set exclusive shade ‘Ambition’, a warm golden brown. 

Each lip soufflé contains, among others, a botanical blend of lotus, gardenia, and white water lily. These ingredients are used to calm and nourish the lips. It also contains vitamin E, which is used to moisturize and provide soft lips.

According to the informations provided on the website, the lip soufflé …

  • Is airy, with a whipped cream formula that glides on easy for full-on color with a featherweight feel.
  • Provides a velvety matte finish with a soft blurring effect – lips look fuller, smoother, and more plump.
  • Hydrates, softens, and stays put. Lips feel comfortable all day – no drying or caking!
  • Has a precise applicator tip which makes it easy to apply (remember what I wrote about the fact that each product was designed to help and not be difficult to open and apply?).
Agree! It’s so comfortable. It’s easy to forget that we are using them!

My opinion

The person or the group of people that wrote the details about these lipsticks was on point! Because I agree with every point.

Honestly, I was expecting something different, a lipstick super matte, super pigmented, that needed the best makeup remover to remove it. But this is not it. And they don’t claim it to be.

In Selena’s video where she uses the shade ‘Bright Red’, it looks like a super matte lipstick, that only needs one layer to be fully pigmented, and in my opinion, some shades just need one layer, but others need more!

Let’s take a step back and talk about everything.

The first is pigmentation. Both lipsticks that I tried are pigmented. Are they the most pigmented lipsticks I ever tried? No! When I think about matte lipstick, I think about pigment! But again, these are not matte lipsticks. These are velvety matte finish lipsticks. It’s all about semantics, beauties!

Beautyworkers blog

The shade ‘Courage’ in my opinion is more pigmented than ‘Ambition’. With ambition, the color was watery, but after a second layer, it looked so much better. ‘Courage’ just needed a layer!

Now, the effect. Like I said this is not a “matte matte” lipstick. The whipped cream formula glides easily, the lips are immediately hydrated, soft and I can see the blurring effect they talk about. They look 100% smoother, there’s no drying and no caking! 

But this formula never totally dries. If I kiss my hand one hour later there will be some remaining product in the skin. Not too much, but something. So it’s not mask approved. In their defense, the remaining color (after a day using it) is still beautiful, although the pigment is almost gone, the lips look plumped and hydrated. So I don’t mind.

The applicator. It’s precise and easy to use. The packaging is simple, but I like the fact that we can see the shade. I don’t like packagings that don’t show the lipstick color. I don’t have much time in the morning, and it’s a bummer to have to open case by case or try to read the minimal color names (I need glasses). With these, we can immediately see the color!

The scent. It’s minimal, I almost don’t feel anything, so it’s sensitive noses approved!

The price. It’s not bad.

The shades. There are shades for every taste. My favorite is ‘courage’ and ‘bright red’ will be my next purchase. ‘Ambition’ is too dark and too brown to my preference. I like more nude or mauve shades on me. But saying this, and after a couple of uses, I think that in summer, with a good tan, I will rock this shade! What do you think?

What’s your favorite Lip Soufflé shade? Let us know in the comments.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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