8 Sring/Summer 2022 Trends You Need to Know

Hello beauties,

The truth is that we are still freezing over here, but it’s never too early to start thinking about spring and summer clothes. This is a great exercise to take our minds off the cold weather!

As you know, we are two girls, and although we have very similar tastes, there are things that we are very different – while Joana loves winter outfits, I (Rita) prefer summer clothes! Honestly, Winter clothes have been an acquaintance taste, and the truth is that I learned to appreciate some outfits that I created this year, but to me, nothing beats summer clothes – the bright colors, the cuts, and the fact that we don’t need two hundred layers of clothes is what I love!

So with that in mind, we’ve gathered some spring summer 2022 fashion trends to make you feel some warm temperature wherever you are! From butterflies and low waist jeans to fringed stripes, there’s a trend out there for every taste. And if you haven’t already, now you will want to add a couple of these to your wardrobe.

We are here to provide you with some inspiration, and we hope the below looks will get you inspired! But if you are still thinking about perfecting your capsule wardrobe, don’t worry because last week, we wrote a post about some ultimate pieces you need to buy in sales

Micro Skirts

When you thought the hemline couldn’t go higher, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, and even Versace made us believe that skirts are never short enough!

Bicker Jacket

Buckle up beauties, because the biker jacket is back! But a good one – Quality over quantity, always! While Miu Miu decided to bring back the ‘90s mood, with a slim-fit, lapel-free, motorcycle-style with a single strap at the throat, Balenciaga and Prada preferred an oversized fit, with multiple zips. Alexander McQueen decided to spice the things, mixing leather with denim and puff shoulders!

Color Everywhere

2022 calls for color! Take a look at Valentino, where chocolate, cerulean blue, and raspberry mingled together and resulted in a beautiful result. Or Harper, where we see a mix of tangerine and fuchsia. This is paradise to me. I have to say! If you want something more affordable, check some pieces from the new Zara collection, you will love it! But the color that you will see everywhere is called Veri-Peri (google it if you don’t know) it´s everywhere.

Zara collection

Drama, Drama, Drama

Do you know the expression “making an entrance”? Well, it’s all about that. Think about Lady Gaga or Jared Letto Gucci’s looks! 

Stripes are the new black

If you are a stripes fan, 2022 is your year! But this year, there’s something to add to your stripes … fringed stripes! Take a look at Louis Vuitton’s going-out tops and Gucci’s feathered coat.

White from Head-to-Toe

This is for the minimalists – is your time to shine (on another level, because you already shine every day)! This clean and fresh look will mark 2022. Take a look at Chloé’s head-to-toe white bohemian looks.


No, it’s not a disease. STS is super sheer, super tight, and super short! If you like to show flesh and are interested in the key dress shape for spring/summer, then this is for you! Invest in a pair of good cotton pants (or not if you like more exposure) and take a deep breath while praying that nothing stays out of place.


It’s not the first time we talk about the 2000s style, and this year it came with full force! Think about butterflies, crop tops, and low-rise pants! Take a look at Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli’s looks. This trend screams Dua Lipa wardrobe and we bet you’ll see a lot of Tik Tokers adhering to this style!

What’s your favorite trend this year? Are you thinking about buying something to recreate one of these trends? Let us know in the comments.

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