Clinique Even Better All-Over concealer *Honest review*

Hello Beauties

Today I bring you the review of my newest purchase. As you may know by now, my number one makeup product, the one I can’t live without is a concealer.

What I was using was about to end, and although I love it, I love it even more to try new products on the market. I adore the excitement of trying something new and see if they are good or not, but also for the benefit of the blog and you Beauties. You can call me the “guinea pig”, that tries things for you, so you can have a feedback and know if you should purchase it or not.

As you are doing, I like to read other reviews before spending money, and from what I read, this new concealer from Clinique is a Bomb!

Let’s first talk about the package. The outside package is not different from what Clinique accustoms us to – a clean image, with light colors. The actual bottle is transparent, which I like. Because I hate when I can’t see the amount of product that I have. It brings the applicator and the sponge to blend the concealer into the skin.

It comes in 42 colors, which is amazing. Congratulations Clinique! There’s not a skin tone or undertone that can’t find a match with this range of colors. I am using the CN10.

The ingredients

The product is formulated with three main ingredients:

  • Vitamin C to reduce fine lines;
  • Hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrates,
  • Caffeine to energize and reduce the tired ‘look’.

My opinion

Clinique says “Lightweight full-coverage concealer instantly perfects and visibly de-puffs over time“. I agree with 80%off this sentence.
It´s lightweight. I spend all day without noticing that I was using concealer. I don’t feel it and even when you look into to the mirror, it barely looks like you are using makeup. It doesn’t show dryness, and the under eye area is still energized after a couple of hours.
The part of the de-puff, unfortunately, I can’t say much about it, because “THANK GOD”, that is something I don’t have.
The full-coverage, I kindly agree if not compared with others that I tried. We can call it full-coverage but not for my type of dark circles. I have dark under eyes and one layer is far for enough to cover it. But it does the job after three layers!

Beautyworkers blog

Clinique also says that it lasts 12 hours, and that’s true! I applied it at 8 am and go to work, do a workout, and at the end of the day, it is still fine.

Another point that I like about this concealer is that is travel-friendly, especially when you have little space. With the applicator and the anti-bacterial sponge, you can leave the sponge or pencil that you usually use to apply concealer at home.

One last piece of information that I want to share with you is the price. The Clinique Even Better All-Over concealer costs $27 and brings 6mL.

Do you know this concealer? What’s your opinion about it? Even better, share with us what concealer you are currently loving! We would love to know!



3 thoughts on “Clinique Even Better All-Over concealer *Honest review*

    1. If you can go to a Sephora and ask for a sample! It’s really difficult to say that a concealer can work for everybody, it all depends on the type of skin! We really liked this one because (and you can see for the photos) it has coverage! What’s your favorite concealer for dark circles?

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