Hair products that I’ve been trying and loving/not loving

Hello beauties,

I don’t think I’ve ever had so many hair products to talk about in a post. The truth is that I have been trying many hair products lately, and this is due to the fact that I have received many in the Lookfantastic advent calendar.

If you are curious about some of these products, take a look at our post ‘Come find our first advent calendar’ because the majority came from there. The calendar was loaded with hair products, and guess who randomly got almost of all?

Was I upset about that? No, not at all! I love trying new hair products! My hair is very dry, dyed and long as it never before! And yes, I know I have to cut it, it’s already out of control. I will. Soon. 

I don’t know if we should or should not give this news, but I think this is the perfect post to talk about this: last week, we received a proposal from a well-known hair brand that we wanted to try for years! We are so happy! What do you think about experiencing it with us? If you are curious, click here and check what brand we are talking about! (just want to let you know that it’s an affiliate link). And if you want to try some of these products why not use our link? Go ahead and try them with us! That way we can make an exchange of opinions. What do you think?

But going back to today’s post, some of these products were a good surprise and they are in my to buy list while others I didn’t like so much and I don’t think I will buy (again).
I hope this type of posts inspires you, or at least gives you an idea if you are undecided or thinking about buying one of these products. Always remember that each hair is a case, and there can be a product that my hair doesn’t like but your hair may love it!

Christophe Robin | Cleansing Purifying Scrub

This the best treatment shampoo that I ever tried! I will definitely buy more. As you can see from the photo, I’m almost finishing mine, and when I say a little goes a long way, believe me, it’s true. I’ve been using this once a week onto wet hair (a tablespoon size) and massage. The secret is to massage it on the hands for a few seconds, and then apply it to hair. You can’t imagine how good this product smells, if I could I would bath in this, use as perfume and as a clothes conditioner! It can be a little scary to use a scrub on dried hair but this product is recommended to dryer hair, don’t worry!

I have dry hair but my roots are more to the greasy side and I love this shampoo. I love the scrub and how gentle it is. I do feel my roots cleaned after using this and I’ve been testing it on my nephew, who has really greasy hair and it’s been a miracle. Christopher, take my money…

Pantene | Hair Biology Frizz Control & luminosity

Another product that it’s almost at the end and that I will buy more. I bought this packaging for mistake, I thought it was the new packaging of my favorite Pantene Mask (post here). And I’m so happy about it because although I feel that this mask is not so rich in oils when compared to the other, I really like it. I feel the hair immediately detangled and hydrated. The smell is phenomenal, it’s a little sweet but quite pleasant.

This mask contains hyaluronic acid, omega 9 and pro-v, has no dyes, mineral oil, or ethanol. It is recommended for curly, dry and dyed hair.

Philip Kingsley | 5-in-1 Treatment 

This was the product I was more excited to try. For months I’ve been reading such good things about this hair product. All the reviews are positive, so you can imagine how happy I was when I got it! 

This elastic styler is a multi-tasker for all hair types and it’s recommended to use on towel dried hair, before blow-dry and style the hair. 

I tried it that way and the scent…oh my god! Marvelous! I Blow-dried my hair and I must admit that I didn’t like it! I looked like a lion and the hair looked so dry. But funny thing is that when I used the Steampod, it was so easy to style the hair. I’ve been trying using this product on different ways and I found that it doesn’t work on mine when it’s still wet. For me it works very well on dried hair, before using the Steampod (as a heat protector), and as a daily hair treatmentI to soften the hair and give some control. I also like to use it before doing a hairstyle, it controls the hair and smells good.

Yves Rocher | Extraordinary Jojoba Repair Balm Shampoo

I love Yves Rocher’s products, but when it comes to hair they are not my first choice. Their products are too natural for my hair. I know this may look stupid but my hair doesn’t like natural products, it wants chemicals. It’s too much dry and I still didn’t find a natural product that could handle it. Well until now, because I tried this shampoo without no expectation and it surprised me. I like it. A lot. It smells good, not as good as the Christopher Robin Scrub because that’s something from another world, but it’s very pleasant. The texture is very rich and gentle for dry hair but it emulsifies nicely. I’m finishing this bottle and I’m definitely going to buy another. 

Yves Rocher | 2 in 1 Nourishing Mask

Since we are talking about Yves Rocher. As I liked the shampoo so much, I decided to give the brand’s nutrition mask a try. Unfortunately it didn’t surprise me, and as I expected it doesn’t have enough power for my dry hair. Was it the worst mask I’ve ever tried? No, far from it. But it didn’t perform any miracles either. I’m not going to buy it again. On the other hand, my mother who has not so thick hair as I (but also quite dry) loved it!

Aveda | botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment

Again another product that I was really excited about and wanted to try for some time. But spoiler alert, I don’t like it. What really sets me off about this product, and I’m going to be very real, is the scent! I don’t know if it’s a problem from mine and it’s not good or if all of them smells like this, but I hate the scent. It smells like dead flowers, I can’t think anout other words to describe it. And the scent it leaves on my hair is absolute horrible. 

I wanted to say that it works and although the scent is bad, it leaves the hair marvelous but I only try it two times (I really don’t like the scent) and I can’t have a formed opinion on how it leaves the hair. The two times I use it, I didn’t notice a big difference on the hair, it looked a little more controlled, but I wish I could try it more times and tell you more about it. 

Percy & Reed | I need a hero Wonder Balm Hair Primer

I didn’t had any expectations about this product and in fact it was the last I opened. But I love it so much! It became my favorite hair primer. It controls the hair, I do feel the hair soften, doesn’t provides a miracle, but it works well on my dry hair. The scent is the only one that can compete with the Christophe Robin Scrub. And the best is that I blow dry my hair, I use the Steampod and when I go to bed, I can still feel the scent of this product on my hair. And it’s so gooodddd, I could use it as a perfume. 

The Wonder Balm is laboratory tested, silicone free, sulphate free, vegan friendly, gluten free and dermatologically tested & suitable for sensitive skin.

This is the first Percy & Reed product that I tried but I want more, I need to know if there’s more from this line and if all of them smells as good as this! Do you know? Let me know in the comments. 

OUAI | Leave in Conditioner

I think I already talked about this product on a post about products that I would buy again. And after a few months I still think the same way. Like the Philip Kingsley 5-in-1 Treatment, the OUAI Leave in Conditioner has best results in my hair when its dry. I use this OUAI product as a finish product, after using the Steampod. I used to use an oil but since I’ve been using this product, I feel my hair smoother, helps maintain the style for more time and looks stronger. 

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Is there any hair product you have been trying and loving? Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite hair product is! We loved to know!


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