Valentine’s day edition – The most perfect movies to watch on this day

Hello Beauties

February is the month of love. So we decided to dedicate three days in a row with special posts, after all monday is Valentine´s day! If you are curious, or still searching for the perfect present for your better half (or even for you), take a look at yesterday’s post Things that we would love to receive on Valentine’s Day.

If you think we are just going to talk about things to do with your other half, think twice. Valentine´s day can also be called Galentine´s day or just the “Pamper me day”. You don’t need to be with someone to commemorate this special day. So don’t worry, we got you covered.

Being with someone or not, it´s a day dedicated to loving and cherishing other people but specially ourselves. Creating a special day, or even better a special night is usually in the mind of millions of people around the world. Deciding what to do, can be a nightmare, but there are the traditional things that work every single year. And, one of them is watching a romantic movie.

Think about this scenario: You and your other half, cozy on a sofa, maybe with fireplace lit. In a medium light, watching a romantic movie. Sounds good, right!? Have you ever heard the phrase ’Netflix and Chill?’, this is all about chilling and enjoying the night!

There are romantic movies for all tastes. Doesn’t need to be a cheesy movie, can be a spicy one, to create the environment for the rest of the night. ; )

We made a list of our favorite movies to watch on Valentine´s day, take a look….

Joana´s choices

My choices are a variety of romantic movies that I think everyone will like. You can choose a traditional romantic movie to watch near your other half, or maybe you want something spicy to give some ideas for the end of the night, or even movies that are romantic but not cheesy, something with a relevant message behind. You want content? We got you.

Rita choice´s

I chose movies with happy endings. I don’t like sad endings, even more in a day like this. First Leap Year, a movie where a girl goes to another country to ask her long time boyfriend to marry, but finds the true love in the way. Who would thought the Prince & me would have completely predicted Meghan Markle’s life? Not us. A woman hires a guy to take to her sister’s weeding, but they fall in love in The weeding Date. Want some fantasy and romance, take a look at the movie Stardust, it has everything you need. How to loose a guy in 10 days is something needed for every girl, it’s a comedy with romance and an ending that screams movieeeee. Last but no least, The Age of Adaline is one of my favorite movies, the story, the fantasy, and Blake Lively’s wardrobe wow

What do you think of our choices? Tell us what are your favorite movies to give us some ideas.



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