The best clothes we bought this sales

Hello beauties,

We would be lying if we said the last sales didn’t influence our shopping cart. While the bank account is feeling, our feeling are quite the opposite. Maybe because our lasted post about the best pieces that you should buy on sales did a number on us, or maybe because we just end up loving the clothes and to buy them.

This year we were good girls, and we didn’t buy a lot (pat on our shoulders). But we took the liberty of rounding up everything we bought and created this list. So all you have to do is take a seat and grab popcorns! Some of these pieces are great for a capsule wardrobe, while others were a splurge of the moment.

As always, let us know in the comments what’s your favorite piece and what you bought on this last sale!


I feel that I did a good job this year. I didn’t buy a lot. Honestly I didn’t need anything, but there were such good deals that I could not let pass. It looks like I’m trying to find a justification, but after you see the prices, you will agree. I have to say that this week, I spent a little more on pieces from the new collection, but I found a good rule ‘sell or give away two pairs of pants, and you can buy two new’. I’m following this, and it’s working wonders on my wallet. The first pink blouse, I bought it for my mother (but it also look great on me) so it doesn’t count…eheh

Zara Pink Blouse ref.9878/163 (Before 25,95€, Now 15,99€) | Stradivarius red/pink shirt (Now 7,99€) | Zara High-waist yellow trousers ref.7901/432 (Before 25,95€, Now 15,99€) | Zara Green Trousers ref.4877/059 (Before 29,95€, Now 5,99€) | Zara High-waist skirt ref.6416/203 (Before 25,95€, Now 5,99€)


I´m proud of myself in this season of sales. I just have to show you two pieces, and one of them was my father that gave it to me. Maybe because this year I didn’t had the time to look at the websites, or the pieces that were on sale didn’t catch my eye, or even because I was not into buying because I have a higher purpose to the money. I have a lot of clothes, so the one piece that I feel the beed to buy was a coat ( I LOVE COATS) from Tommy Hilfiger, which I was in love for more than a year. On these sales the reduced price was insane. So I needed to have this splurge. The other piece is some pants from Zara that my father offered me, and I love them.

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