I tried some Portuguese shoe brands!

Hello Beauties

Today I want to talk about Portugal, not just Portugal, but what is produced in Portugal.

As you know by our Instagram and posts, we like to present you with Portuguese brands and show the world that what is made in Portugal is good and has quality. But if we talk about shoes, we have a different story.
Portuguese shoe brands are known worldwide for their quality. I think that some are better known out of Portugal then in the country, unfortunately. Maybe, the problem is the price, but we are paying also for the quality, and precision of what are the shoes made off.

I have been collecting some shoes from Portuguese brands, and I can honestly say that I´m in love with the quality, precision, comfort, and also imagination of these brands.

Because of that, this post is dedicated to Portuguese shoe brands. I´m going to talk about three brands, but there are many more to be discovered. If you want to know more, follow us on Instagram.

The first brand that I want to talk is “Centenário Shoes”.

Centenário Shoes

This brand comes from the year 1941. When Sr. Camilo Ferreira decided, to open a shoe manufactory, during World War II. For more than 45 years, the fabrication was artisanal. Just in 1984, it expanded and started to export to Europe. In 2013, 90% of what was made, was exported to Europe. Still have the quality that has since the first day.

The shoes of this brand are made with the best skins through the hand of the best artisans to give us, clients, the best comfortable, elegant, and quality shoes.

Each shoe is made for you. What that means, is that you choose on the website the model that you want and the size, and then you wait more and less three to four weeks to have the shoes. While so long?! Because they are made from scratch to you.

When you receive the package, the first thing is the scent. Do you know the scent of quality leather? The scent is strong in these shoes. It comes with a paper, telling you to analyze the shoes, see if there are some anomalies or something wrong because it was made just for you.

The comfort of these shoes is insane, and it shows quality. It´s not possible for someone don’t react to the shoes or think, wow they are good shoes. Because on the eye it says expensive and quality.

“Last Sole is the second brand that I want to talk about. 

Last Sole

It is a second brand from the Centenario shoes and is handmade unisex trainers made in Portugal with prime leathers, at a fair price. The production is made with the preoccupation with the environment, by using 95% of recycled materials and also they are made with ethically sourced materials but also labors.

Like the Centenario Shoes, you chose the model that you want and the size, and they made the sneaker for you from scratch.

The scent is irresistible, and the comfort is insane. I can´t wait to wear it more.

Luis Onofre is the last Portuguese brand that I want to show you. And believe me, if I was rich, I would buy almost every single shoe from this brand and not Chanels or Diors.

Luis Onofre

Take a look at the website, and see what I’m saying. THE SHOES ARE STUNNING. They are pieces of art that unfortunately I can´t afford to buy outside the sales. The price is from 200€ to 500€. But I can honestly say they are worth every single euro. The quality is outstanding. They are comfortable, at least the ones I have. I just can talk about my experience. The details on the shoes are so special. I never saw shoes with such details.

Luis Onofre’s motto is “As a brand, we seek to empower women by making them feel more elegant, beautiful, confident, and stylish.” And, that is exactly what I feel, each time I wear these boots. Powerful, beautiful, and confident.

I can´t say enough about these shoes. I can wear them all day long. And they are eye-catching. It´s impossible not to react to the shoes. 

There are many more Portuguese brands, that I want to try. More and more, I like to use and spend money on national products, because if the rest of the world knows that what we made is good, it´s time for us Portuguese to also understand that.

What do you think? Let´s try to use more Portuguese brands.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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