4 clothes I regret buying – Joana´s edition

Hello Beauties

Today is my turn to do the walk of shame through my closet and see what I have that I thought I would love, but right now, I kind of regret buying it. I say, kind of, because on the day I bought it, I was happy with the purchase.

I chose three pieces of my wardrobe and a future purchase that I want to do because I put in the head that I want it. But honestly, I think that is just a phase, and I will regret it.

Lefties Jumpsuit

I already have this jumpsuit for a while. It was a trend when I bought it. I saw on Pinterest and Instagram many ways of using it, and I found cool looks. But I just wore it once, on a New Year’s Eve at home. Why?! Because, I have a problem with it, and is the same that Rita has with some of her regrets. It´s supposed to be used in winter, but has a lighter fabric, and doesn´t have sleeves. I can´t wear it without anything underneath, because at least for me, the cleavage is too much for my lapse of boobs. And, why don’t I wear it in summer? Well, I´m not a party girl. I don’t go to clubs often to wear something like this, and as I said before, it needs something underneath.

Sorel Boots

This is a medium regret. I bought it specifically for a trip to Norway to use it in the heavy snow. While I was there, I thank God to have these boots, because I caught temperatures of minus 15ºC, and I never had my feet cold because of the boots. But that´s it. I used it on one trip and never wore it again. Sorel Joan of Artic are boots that you can´t use every day because are typically snow boots. When I bought these boots, I wanted the Ugg Adirondack, but the price was high, so I bought the Sorel instead. I still think that if I had bought the Ugg, I wouldn´t regret it, because, yes, it is snow boots, but look like a military boot, that I can wear on a normal day.

Schutz Sandals

I bought these sandals to wear at a wedding. I fell in love with them, and I still think, that they are some of the most beautiful sandals that I own. But guess what, I have sensitive feet, and these sandals are not the most comfortable sandals that I have. When I used them at a wedding, I could not stand it all night, because my feet started to get hurt, and I got painful blisters. I still think that they are beautiful but are too expensive to just wear for one hour at a wedding, maybe one time in two in two years. I think for these occasions, we need inexpensive shoes but most important, comfortable shoes. What do you think?

Are you interested in some of these products? You can find them on my Vinted account. (Here) I’ve been selling some of my clothes, and shoes that I don´t wear but are still in perfect condition.

Now my future regret, is a Cap.

I put in my head that I need a cap. I see pictures on Instagram of celebrities looking so cool with one baseball cap. I like the style and the vibe, so now I “need a cap”. It´s not usually my style, so I think I will regret it. What do you think? I saw one that I like but is cashmere, so it´s a winter cap, so I need another one. Do you have suggestions? I want a fashionable cap, that looks cool. Don´t worry, you will know if I regret it in the future.

If you want, send us an email to beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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