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I don’t know how is the weather in your country, but in Portugal is warming up! This week I can say that despite the weather being a little cloudy and some rain (sometimes boring but very necessary) I put aside the hottest sweaters and started taking my mid-season shirts out of the closet.

The truth is that the weather still doesn’t shout ‘let’s go to the beach’, but I’m already beginning to feel the need for the sun on my skin, melanin jumping on my skin and that healthy look that screams ‘I just came from vacations’ . And since that is still out of the question, I like to resort to my secret weapon – Bali Body’s Gradual Tan.

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I had already wrote about this product last year, because it was my personal hero in the first days of spring and even in summer to keep my tan.

Gradual Tan is a product that will gradually tan your skin and can be used every day as a moisturizer. I finished my first package quickly and I must say that I’m very happy because we just received a second package!

Why do I like it?

Gradual tan is made with 100% natural DHA and is suited for all skin types, including sensitive and eczema prone skin. In addition to being a product 100% vegan and cruelty free.

The first great advantage of this product is how easy it is to use. It can be used every day as a body moisturizer and I must admit that it really moisturizes the skin very well. Whenever I use it, I feel my skin soft and looks very healthy.

Another great advantage is that you can sleep in white sheets and wear white clothes after you applied this product. I really like to wear it at night, before going to bed, and my white sheets have never changed color. Never.

Most importantly, it works! It really works! And you will see a difference after just one application. You can see from the photos how it works on my very light skin. And the best thing is that it allows you to build the tone you desire, you just need to use it more or less. If you use it once a week, you will achieve a subtle tone, but if you use it everyday, you will notice a big difference, it looks like you’ve been on a beach for a month!

The more you apply the darker your tan will become.

Attention! Don’t forget to wash your hands after application.

Does it have cons?

Yes, but with time you stop seeing them as cons. First, the scent. It’s a little strong, and maybe not a cup of tea for everybody. I don’t mind, I like it.

Then, there’s the fact that this is a clear product, so the first use can lead you to not apply it evenly on the skin and you can see some patches more dark than others. Don’t worry, it’s easy as soon as you apply it more.

For my taste I noticed that only with one use the tone is a little more yellow-ish than I liked it, but with continuous use, the tone looks more natural and really beautiful. 

How should I use it?

Like I said, you can build the color depending on how much you want. It should be applied on clean, dry skin every 1-2 days depending on your preference of color. If you want a darker color, you can apply it morning and night.

The gradual tan will slowly fade off the skin evenly, but if you want to remove it immediately, you can use a Exfoliator. My advice is for you to use soft body soaps when you take a bath while you are using this product, and don’t rub the towel on your skin, instead pat it lightly. This way you will have a more beautiful finish and it will last a lot more time.

I liked this product last year, and I still like it this year, I will definitely continue to use it. I’m really fair and it’s very difficult to gain some tan without some help and even if I don’t go to the beach, this product allows me to have a little bit of a tan all year. 

I have a tip for you: if you want a deep tan that will last ages, combine the gradual tan with the Bali body’s Clear Self Tanning. You will love the results! 

Bali body products are Australian made in their hometown of Melbourne and they committed to use natural and naturally delivered ingredients in every product. Their mission is to empower women around the globe to feel confident in their own skin. And this product really makes me feel confident. You can check more information and/or buy this product if you click in here. 

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