Come explore Copenhagen with me

Hello Beauties

Are you interested in traveling with me once again?! Last time we went through the streets of Porto (here), this time, I want to bring you to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It is the biggest city of Denmark with 643 613  habitants. It is located on the oriental coast in front of Malmo of Sweden.

What to see and do in the city

Copenhagen has a lot to see and do. I visited in December, so the entire city was decorated for Christmas. I had the chance to visit all the Christmas markets of the city, and I highly recommend that you visit them if you go in that period of time. Another thing that you can do in winter time is ice-skating in the park.

But now, let’s talk about what I visited and can be seen all year around.

Stroget is the principal street to Copenhagen, going from city hall square to Kongens Nytorv . During the day you can shop in all the shops from the most expensive to the most economic, it’s great for all the budgets. You will find a Zara store, but also a Louis Vuitton. At night you can go to a bar, drink a glass of wine or have dinner in one of the many restaurants.

Amalienborg Palace, is made of four identical buildings, and is best seen if you like to feel a little of what it is to live like a Royal Family. The major highlight of this palace is seeing the change of guard that happens every single day at 12PM.

Amalienborg Palace

The Round Tower, is a tower built in the 17th century. When you enter you climb a spiral until you arrive at the highest point of the tower, which is an observatory. Unfortunately when I went, it was raining, so the ceiling was closed.

Rosenborg Castle, situated in the heart of the city was built in the 17th century by Christian IV. Inside are 400 years of Royal treasures including the Royal Crown. It is exquisite decorated, and very well preserved. It’s a true royal castle. One of the most beautiful castles that I ever visited. The gardens deserve a visit, and there you will find stunning places to take some pictures and maybe for a romantic walk.

Christiansborg Palace. Once it was the home of the royal family, but now it has the Danish Parliament, Supreme court and ministry of state. You have different types of tickets. One just to see the palace, others if you want to visit the ruins, other to visit the kitchens of the palace, and other to visit the stables.

Tivoli Gardens, the Disney of Denmark. A place for all ages, where you can enter in the terror house, or ride in one of many rollercluster. It’s a Disneyland without the Disney that I highly recommend for you to visit. It’s stunning, and you will feel a true kid inside.


The Little Mermaid, is the most famous statue of Denmark. inspired by the fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen’s is visited by hundreds of tourists every single day.

The Little Mermaid

The Marble Church, is one of the most impressive churches of the city. Not difficult to be seen, as an impressive dome, and a stunning view of the city. In the present day, it’s in the dreams of many couples to be married inside.

The Marble Church
The Marble Church

Natural History Museum of Denmark, is an obligatory stop for the lovers of history. This is the third Natural history museum that I visited, and I admit, it’s the least impressive, but I’m comparing it to the museums of New York and London, which don’t have equals.

Natural history museum

Boat Ride, it’s one of the best ways to visit the city. Starting in one of the most famous places of Denmark, Nyhavn. You will see by boat the Opera house, the Black Diamond Library, which if you have time, deserves a visit and many more historical places.

Christiania, or the free city of Christiania, is an independent community with 850 people. These people live by their rules and laws. To enter there you must follow some rules, like it’s not allowed to take pictures inside, except in some areas. The street art is magnifique.


These are the places that I went but there are a lot more to explore and see in the city, with more time.

Where to eat

Honestly I ate well on this trip. I´m not anymore in a place in my life that I eat in the street or in a random restaurant. I prefer to eat well and pay a little more.

There were two other restaurants that I would love to say the names but I honestly don’t remember. If you know the names of the restaurants by the food photos, let me know.

Have you visited Copenhagen? What’s your favorite place? Can you guess where am I going in my next trip?

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