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Kylie Jenner’s swim collection came out a few months ago, and while in the beginning there was a fever, it all stopped when the first reviews started to come. It was so bad that when Kim Kardashian came with a new swim collection, we thought? OMG, it’s impossible not to compare both collections!

So today we are going to talk a little about the new Skims Swims collection!

Skims Swim

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Kim Kardashian founded Skims in 2018 because she always struggled to find shapewear that worked with her body type. So she made her own, offering innovative, why-didn’t-someone-think-of-that-sooner silhouettes in different skin tones and sizes.

While the reality star-slash-lawyer has expanded into everyday essentials, like bodysuits, underwear, and the perfect clothes to wear in the house, her swimwear pays homage to how she started everything. It’s no coincidence that the new swimwear is very similar to the shalwar that started it all.

Skims’ swimwear line has something to offer everyone, with a collection of 19 pieces in seven colors, ranging from the classic neutral to cobalt.

The best? Each piece is sold separately so you can build your own swim set! 

We were a little late to this launch because when we entered the website, a lot of the pieces were running low. There are some pieces left but mainly in big sizes. There are a few pieces that you can still grab in small sizes.

What’s still available in some sizes…

The Swim Cycle Suit costs 105€ and looks so comfortable. Although we don’t know if this piece can work as a swimsuit … It’s available in almost every size in the color of the image (Ochre). The swim Long Sleeve One Piece looks flattering, and it is still available in the sizes XXS, S, and M. Cost 91€. The Swim Plunge Bikini Top costs 36€, looks gorgeous (and looks like it elevates the boobies), and is still available in L, XL, 2X, and 3X!

Now what’s no longer available (completely sold out)…

The Swim Tank Monokini has cost 86€ and is unavailable in every shade and size. The Swim Sleeveless One Piece (86€) looks flattering, and we wish we had one in every color. Unfortunately, is also unavailable. The Swim Mid Waist Short looks like a cycle short and should provide a great shape to the body, it had a great price of 36€, but guess what? Sold out!

What have these three pieces in common? They all look gorgeous alone and together, but also they are all sold out! If you like the Swim Triangle Top (30€), we are very sorry! Then we have the Swim Mid Waist Bottom (€34) in this gorgeous blue! And then the Swim Sarong Skirt (73€) was the first piece to be sold out, can you believe it!

Now about the prices! They are quite affordable if we compare them to other swim brands…

We think this is a solid collection! The products are made from a blend of spandex and recyclable nylon. Every piece looks comfortable without feeling flimsy. And they look like they can cover everything, the common problem that happened with Kylie swims! We dare to say that Kim knows how a woman likes to feel – confident, sexy but most important comfortable without worrying that we are showing what we should not! Take notes, Kylie!

If you are interested, act fast or wait because we think that Kim’s not going to let us down, she’s going to add stock in future…

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