Next stop: Amsterdam

Hello Beauties,

How are you? Missing some travel lately? Well today I want to bring you with me on a new adventure: Amsterdam!

Last month, I did a quick weekend break in Amsterdam, and I can honestly say that I left the city, loving it.

My expectations for this city were high, because it was a place that I wanted to visit for a while, and finally I had the opportunity to do that.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and considered one of the most central cities in the world. Because of that, it has one of the most important airports, where there are a lot of connection flights.

It’s a city famous for its canals, and topical houses, where almost every single corner is a place digne of an Instagram photo.

It’s a multicultural city and with a huge diversity of places to be, see and things to do.

Because it was a quick escape, just for two days, I chose what I thought was the most important to see, but I know that there are a lot more.

What I did and saw in Amsterdam

Visit the Canals

It’s an obligatory picture. If you go to Amsterdam and don’t take a photo with the canal and the traditional houses in the background, no-one will believe that you went there. There are hundreds of places for you to have the perfect passage, so get lost in the city and find your favorite spot.

Rijksmuseum museum

I needed to choose which one of the museums I wanted to see, because I just had time for a big one (not counting the house of Anne Frank), so I decided after some googling for the Rijkmuseum. It’s an art museum that tells the history of the Netherlands since the middle ages. It is a huge museum, and you can easily spend 2 hours there if you are interested in art. It has a nice coffee to rest after a cultural journey. You can’t take pictures inside the museum, just in the library, that it’s stunning and rich with books.

Red light District

I highly advise you to visit during the day and night. The atmosphere changes completely. I’m sure you know what the red light district is. A bunch of “shop windows” with women in minor clothes trying to seduce men and also some pubs. I didn’t like the vibe of the red light. I get that is what it is, but as a woman, I thought that it was too sorrowful and embarrassing for women. Is just my opinion. I felt ashamed. That is why I tell you, especially as a woman, to visit during the day, because it has nice views and cafes to enjoy the street without that kind of show.


One of the most beautiful districts of Amsterdam. The best places to have instagram photos, and one of the best places to get lost though the streets. It’s more a typical neighborhood of the city, where the citizens live, with nice restaurants.

Dam square and Royal Palace

You will pass through this square a lot, during your stay in Amsterdam. I advice also you to do a Free walking tour. Almost every walking tours start near the Dam square and also for you to don’t get lost, ends there. It’s a great way to know the history of the city, what happened through the years, and to visit in three hours the most important places. It’s the best way to get to know a city in a short period of time.

In this square stays the Madame Tussauds and also one of the best store buildings of the Netherlands, the Bijenkorf. There you can find all the luxury brands that you can remember, from Louis Vuitton to Hermes and also makeup brands that for example I can’t find in Portugal, like Charlotte Tilbury.

Anne Frank House

A life changing experience. It’s the best way I can describe this place. It’s the actual house where Anne Frank hid during the war. To visit you need to buy the tickets in advance, one month early, I would suggest. I left the list feeling sad, angry, and with a home-seeking feeling. I think this feeling of sadness is worse now, because of what’s happening between Ukraine and Russia. It’s almost like seeing history repeat again, when everyone should already know that war doesn’t help anyone. If you just have one hour in Amsterdam, The House of Anne Frank is the place to visit .


Honestly I was expecting something different from all the descriptions that I read on the internet. It’s a huge street with stores selling flowers and seeds.

Where to eat in Amsterdam

I tried two typical foods of the Netherlands.

  1. The dutch pancake in the “Pancakes of Amsterdam”
  2. The Space cake of the Bulldog cafe. The original coffee shop of Amsterdam is situated in the Red Street light. I had a nice dinner, went to the district lights, bought the space cake, and ate just 1/8 of the cake in the hotel room. I ate just a small amount because I don’t drink or smoke, and I wanted to have fun and enjoy the city the next day. I think I didn’t feel anything, but I went to sleep after it.


  • Wagamama – I liked it so much in Copenhagen (interested in see what I did and see in Copenhagen, click here) that I went again but now in another country.
  • Moeders – Loved it. The decorations with pictures of mothers from around the world are so beautiful and cozy.
  • De Reiger – One of the most typical restaurants of the city. Here you can enjoy typical dutch food in a good pub atmosphere.
  • Long Pura – Loved it. Amazing food, with a lot flavor.

Have you visited Amsterdam? What’s your favorite place? Can you guess where am I going in my next trip?

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