Easter Outfits: 1 Zara Piece, 3 Different Looks – Collaboration Article with “Michele Goes Glossy” 

Hello beauties,

Easter is the perfect excuse to buy new clothes. And with a big weekend ahead you say goodbye to your working wardrobe, and make the most of the longest free weekend of the year with some fun and stylish outfits…or you can choose something comfy! It all depends on your mood and what style you pretend. 

After two solid days of enjoying all that bank holiday life has to offer, you might be feeling a little jaded.

As always we are here to help you! And this time we have our blogger friend Michele Goes Glossy -one of our favorite bloggers- to collaborate on another article! If you follow us, you know Michele. This is our fifth collaboration and we are so happy with the result. Have a look at our last collaborations-  where we choose some of our favorites and least favorites looks at the Oscars and Vanity fair red carpet:

We had so many ideas for this new collaboration and the fact that the three of us love fashion united us and in the end it was easy to agree on what we pretended!

The idea was to each one pick one statement piece and style it in three different ways but always thinking “what to use on an Easter lunch with family”. In the end, we had to pick our favorite look of the three and/or what would make more sense to use in our family lunch! Can you guess what we chose? What will you use in your Easter lunch? Click on the button below and find our choices:

We had so much fun making this article and we are really happy with the final result! And we have the greatest news because we have another collaboration for you and we bet you’ll love it! So stay tuned!

As always, it’s a pleasure to collaborate with Michele and we really hope that you subscribe to her website, she posts really cool and intelligent articles:

Thank you for being here and following our blogs.

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