The best places to brunch in Lisbon

Hello Beauties,

If you are planning a trip to Lisbon and are a Brunch lover like us, this post is for you.

Who invented the concept of Brunch, had an amazing idea. Brunch allows us to eat breakfast food at lunch, without being weird. And we love that. Brunch is also the perfect date, or even the perfect idea for a group of friends that have different types of morning routines. It allows everyone to be together, enjoying a meal, being breakfast for some or already lunch for others.

I (Joana) have a list of places for brunch in Lisbon to go. Ones I already went and loved so are in the list, others I want to go.

In today’s post, we are going to share with you the ones we already went to and what are our thoughts and of course, what we ate.

The Therapist

In Lisbon there are two Therapist. One in the Lx Factory and another in Alvalade. The one that we went to is in Alvalade. The place is big, with local production and a store where you can buy their granola, for example. The outside is good, especially when it’s sunny. The menu is what we loved the most. It has a variety, gluten-free options, or when it has gluten, they trade, for example the bread. You can eat a brunch, but also an original lunch or dinner. The drinks like the food exist with a lot of varieties and are all good. The concept of natural and healthy food is one highlight of the Therapist. They don’t use artificial sugar.

Bruschetta with organic eggs, Avocado spread and homemade salty granola

Left to the right: Go Nut Pancake; Power Salad; Ramen; Sweet Spirulin

Zenith Brunch and Cocktails

Zenith is one of the most Instagrammable brunch places that exists, at least in Portugal and Spain, and for a good reason. The one in Lisbon is beautiful and has nice spots for a good photo. The menu is called an all day brunch, but you also have options, like salads if you want to have a proper lunch, but also toast, pancakes and bowls. 

Zenith salad bowl

Roasted sweet potato “toast”

Detox smoothie bowl


Amelia, at least for me, the most beautiful “restaurants/brunch’s” that we have been to. The place is so pretty, the details in the room were thought at millimeters. The food is also as good as the place of course. Like the others you have options for everyone and for all the tastes. Amelia is also one of the most well known brunches in Portugal, so it’s not a surprise for you, if we say that it has its own merchandising. Yes, that is true. You can buy sweaters, mugs, etc from Amelia.

Left to the right: Pancake Amélia; Pancake Fit with fruit, maple syrup and cinnamon; Tapioca with eggs and avocado and Amelia toast


Nicolau opened in 2016 and is called Amelia’s lover. Yes, they have a history together. We are not going to tell you their history, but if you go there, you should really see who Amelia and Nicolau are. 

Nicolau has the same concept as Amelia, healthy, natural and yummy food served in a cute and happy place. It’s hard to sit in Nicolau, for three reasons. The first is because it is well known and the food is good. The second is because it’s a tiny place, so it’s full easily, and the third reason is because it is located in one of the most touristic places of Lisbon. I’m (Rita) still thinking about their carrot cake, I’m so mad that I didn’t ordered it!

Left to the right: Open toast with grilled Brie cheese, cherry tomatoes,.. ; Ginger tea, Amelia toast

Honest Greens

One of my (Joana) favorite restaurants for any kind of meal. I love the concept, the food, etc. Just have a con, that is don’t have gluten free bread, and because of that I can’t have their toasts. The rest is just delicious.

Which one should we go next?


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