Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color *New RoseGlow Edition*

Hello Beauties

In my last trip to Amsterdam, as I mentioned in the post (here), I went to the Bijenkorf. As a beauty lover, I needed to see the newest products that are on the market, especially from brands that in Portugal, I don’t have easy access to.

One of the brands is Laura Mercier. I went to the spot of the brand with the intuit of just buy the famous loosing powder, but the lady on the counter, was a really good seller, and showed to me the new produtos of Laura Mercier. And is at this point that I discovered the Caviar stick eye color.

These new sticks are a re-invention of the famous matte eyeshadow, but with a shimmer finish infused in pink and gold pearls. These super versatile sticks will last 12 hours, and for being removed you need to use a micellar water for waterproof make- up. Just for you to see how long they last without losing the color or shine.

Why I like it?

  • Fragrance-free – suit for sensitive skin;
  • Multi-use – you can blend, line or just fill in a easy way;
  • Long-lasting – up to 12 hours
  • Creamy – making it comfortable to wear and to a smoother application;
  • Don’t flake or crease
  • High color intensity

Mode of application

Like I said, they are super versatile. You can use just one in the lash line, and smoke a little. Or in the entire eyelid, for a more Va va vum effect.

If you have more than a color, start with the darker color in the lash line and then the lighter color in the eyelid. Blend and the result will be amazing.

The colors

Like I said, the Laura Mercier employee was a really good seller, but also a good representative of the brand, because she immediately saw what were the best colors for my skin tone. So we tried on the hand, and I ended up buying two sticks, because both colors together were a brilliant pair.

The colors that I picked are from the RoseGlow shades edition and are:

Forbidden Rose

Strike a Rose

Forbidden Rose is a more intense color, better for a bolder look, to be used in the lash line, or just in the outside corner of the eye lid to open the eyes.

Strike a Rose, is an everyday color that can be used to work, without being too much! It calls attention but a good one. Together with Forbidden rose, they create an everyday to night look, depending how they are used.

I like to apply Forbidden rose in the Lash line and Strike a Rose in the eye lid, or just Strike a Rose all over the eye lid and a little bit of Forbidden in the outside corner, blending it, to do a smoke look.

Have you tried these sticks? Is there a product that you want us to try?


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