My preparation for a tropical vacation

Hello Beauties

While you are reading this post, I’m (Joana) in an Island taking a needed vacation to come back reconnected and full of energy to write amazing posts for you.

BGK Inn, Brazil

I am a person that learned in the recent year that no-one can take care of ourselves better than us. So I like to take care and pamper myself sometimes, but that is even more important, when you are going on a tropical vacation, meaning wearing biquini the majority of the day. And, no I don’t care what others think, I just want to feel good in myself and look in the mirror and feel powerful and beautiful in my own skin. I think everyone should think the same, especially us women.

A month before my vacations, I booked some treatments and other stuffs, that I thought were important and at least the basic.

Detox treatment

A Detox treatment englobes three phases. First, we start with a cleansing tea, that as the function of hydrate the body and also helps in the detoxify process; than we have a full body exfoliation to remove all the dead skin and prepare the skin to catch some sun, and ends with a lymphatic massage, to detoxify the body from all the accumulated toxins and also helps with liquid retention.

Deep Tissue therapy

I’m an active person, meaning that I like to exercise everyday. With that I have muscle tension and some pains sometimes. I wanted to go full relaxation for the vacation, so I booked a deep tissue massage with a Thai specialist. Beauties, I sweat in that room. It was uncomfortable, but in the end all the pain and tensions that I had were gone. Amazing. I´m going to do this a couple of times a year.


Who doesn’t like to go with nice nails on a vacation. I painted mine in white. What do you think? Approved or not?!

Laser removal

I already did all the sessions many years ago. That means that I don’t have to do epilation often. I just do it once a year, just to remove some remains of it. Best thing that I did many years ago was to do the laser. I highly recommend it. I don’t need to worry if I have a spontaneous invitation, and if my legs are in a proper condition to wear a skirt or go to the beach.

Eyelash Lifting

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I haven’t gone to the lady who makes my eyelash lifting. But now I felt that I needed something, so I could have full lashes even without mascara, and take good photos at the beach. I already talked about this procedure here on the blog (click here to read about it). And, Beauties, I was born with good lashes but I always love the result when I do this lifting.

Benefit Brow Bar

Like the eyelash lifting, this was the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that I did my brows outside home. And also was the first time that I did in a Sephora in the Benefit brow bar counter. But if it is to make a comeback, we need to go to a specialist, because Beauties, my brows were in need. It’s different to have someone doing it, or ourselves. They are fantastic. Loved the work.

A few years ago, Rita talked about her experience on a Benefit Brow bar, check the post here.

Treatments that I wanted to do, but I didn’t had the time…

  • Hydra Facial – Another treatment that I already talked about here in the blog (click here), and my skin felt so good after it. I only do it once a year but I wish I could do more, unfortunately I didn’t have time to do it. Maybe I will after these vacations to hydrate, and help with the damages that the sun makes.
  • Bali Body at home – Yes Beauties, I came pale to the island. I wanted to use the Bali Body products, but didn’t have the chance. (read here and here about some of these amazing products).

What I should incorporate more in my preparation for future vacations. Tell me what you usually do, or do you like to go with the flow?!


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