How to Style 3 Neutral Dresses from Zara – Collaboration Article with “Michele Goes Glossy” 

Hello beauties,

If there’s one thing we love, it’s fashion, and we never say no to a challenge! And that’s exactly what happened, when we were challenged by Michele, blogger of stylish Michele Goes Glossy, to pick two dresses, choose one and adapt it in three different looks – one for a casual family lunch, a ‘friends’ lunch, and a formal work lunch. The challenge? The base of each look needs to be the same, a neutral color dress from our beloved Zara.

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The truth is that it is very easy to get lost in Zara, the new collection is amazing and we have been trying to show a little of it, especially on our Instagram. But it’s important, and we’ve been trying to give this idea in several posts, maximize your closet by being able to wear a piece multiple ways, many times but completely changing the way it looks, or even the occasion it’s meant to be worn for. 

And that’s exactly what we wanted to show you with this collaboration. While there are many items that can achieve that, we wanted to focus on a neutral color dress, and show you how we would style it for different occasions from more formal to casual. In this case, we thought about a lunch or even a brunch – with family (look 1), friends (look 2), and from work (look 3).

If you like this idea, we can do something similar but with other pieces of clothing or even for different events. What do you think? Do you like the idea? Let us know in the comments.

We hope you like the looks we put together. 

Michele’s Choices

When I went to Zara, I was more attracted to the beige hues, since I wanted the type of dress that I could wear with any colour of accessories and it would be a must-have for my holidays, which could be easily swapped in between a relaxed look for daytime and a classic one for night-time, saving space in my luggage. Plus, when you are tanned, white and beige undertones naturally highlight the tan.

The first dress I put my eyes on was a midi bodycon dress (5644/060/711) that with some fancy accessories, I could already see several combinations. The second dress I selected (0264/544/250) evoked those romantic summer holiday scenes where I white dress dictates the perfect casual chic. No wonder I end up choosing the second dress. The first dress made my body look uncoordinated, tight on the chest and belly and awkwardly loose on the legs (sorry if I don’t have a picture).

Once I tried the second dress, I knew it was the right choice. I bought size S and it fits perfectly and would enable me to eat without exposing a possible swollen tummy. I can also see this dress lasting for decades because of its feminine, elegant, and timeless cut.

To combine this dress into different looks, it was a simple task, proving again that I chose correctly. A timeless dress is the one that allows you to diversify into infinite combinations effortlessly.


For my first look, for a casual lunch with family, I would just put a black cropped t-shirt on top of the dress, matched with some wedged sandals. It’s comfortable, practical, and cosy. A cardigan or a sweater could be worn on top, if at night it would be chilly. Any layer on top of this dress will always portray an elegant image, because of the fitted waist given by the ties that create a waist and “camouflage” the belly area.


For a glammed-up lunch with friends, I would just wear the dress as it is with some fancy stilettos to create a statement look based on the accessories. A scarf on the neck and a trendy clutch would also elevate the look if you would like to spice the dress up. The dress on its own makes me feel sexy and I could see myself taking several selfies with my friends.


This is my favourite look! I really like the sophistication that the white blazer adds to this dress for a formal business lunch. The belt on the waist with the black stilettos, provide a smart-refined look that can boost any woman’s confidence. To cover the dress’s cleavage, I wore underneath a strap cami top and make sure that I look professional and ready to close the sale 

Rita’s Choices

After looking at a lot of dresses at Zara (and wanting them all), I picked two dresses, a linen neutral dress (2887/ 325/250) and a satin dress (3133/802/250)I really liked the linen dress but I feel that the balloon sleeves and the dramatic neckline on the back are enough for the dress to be at its best when worn alone.

That’s why I decided to choose the satin dress, since I saw great potential in it. This dress can definitely be styled in different ways. I tried it in size XS and although it’s short, I really liked it, I feel like it fell on me like a glove, it looks like it was made for me. This  satin dress is under 30€ and seems to be a favorite among many, because it’s all over Instagram. The color could not be more neutral and I also wanted to focus on the shoes (3208/910/030), because the green is trendy this year and sometimes it’s difficult to opt for a bold color like this. I love the contrast of a neutral and a bold color. These looks were created with the spring season in mind, though they would be great for summer as well. 


A family lunch is a casual event, where we like to dress well but also feel comfortable and comfortable. On this type of occasion we like to eat well and we can even get dirty with so much food. That’s why I decided to choose a slightly formal blazer, because I imagine having lunch with that aunt and cousin who like fashion. At least that’s how my family lunches are. 


When we hear that women don’t dress for men but for other women, it’s completely true. Believe me, girls. Although my friends are quite simple people and don’t feel any competitiveness, the truth is that I like to get some for these occasions. But I feel that this is a kind of occasion where we want to feel powerful, and so I chose to combine this dress with a biker-style bomber jacket. This bomber jacket from Zara has an incredible quality and I really liked how it sat on my body. Once again, the shoes give a more sophisticated look to this look.


The first thing I thought about when I was choosing the pieces for this look was a blazer. There is the idea (at least I have that idea) that a blazer immediately gives a more formal look to any outfit, but I feel that this dress is too short for a business lunch. It’s just a personal preference, I have nothing against those who wear a slightly shorter dress for this type of event. But in my opinion it’s experience, in these events I like to focus attention more on my good taste than on my legs.

That’s why I decided to try wearing this dress as a shirt. The dress is so short and the fact that it is setim makes it quite malleable. I combined it with neutral pants and a neutral blazer as well. The blazer is optional, in fact I tried it with and without a blazer and I liked both options. No blazer shows the neckline on the back and makes the look a little sexier.

Joana’s Choices

When I entered Zara, my eyes immediately went to two dresses. One in white (3428/811) that is the typical nude dress and the other in a caqui color (8073/040). Caqui is also a neutral color, so I wanted to be different and provide different options, so I chose this one. I have to say that the high price of the first dress was also a reason to not pick it. I think it was around 69€.

The dress I chose is also a vest, so it gave me multiple ideas for outfits. Take in consideration that in the website, this dress looks a lot more green and vivid than in real life. So don’t be scared if you search for it on Zara’s website.


For a family lunch, I opted to pair the dress with a white shirt and nude heels, that reminded me so much of the Chanel shoes. It’s a put together outfit that can be used in other places. I didn’t buy the nude heels but I’m still thinking about them, maybe I’m going to order them when I get home. I’m so in love with this look, it’s completely my style!


For lunch with friends, I went for a more casual look. And I absolutely love the final look. A pair of trainers and a white t-shirt, it’s the perfect and fun outfit for a lunch with your besties. Fun but fancy in the same way, don’t you think?


Last but not least, for a work lunch, I thought that a black blazer never goes wrong. And pairing it with some classic loafers, and you’ll get a professional look. Would you wear this outfit?

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2 thoughts on “How to Style 3 Neutral Dresses from Zara – Collaboration Article with “Michele Goes Glossy” 

  1. One more collaboration that I’m so glad and proud of the outcome. Our fashion collaborations always excite me! The preparation, the selection of what to write, the images, it’s just a privileged to create all this process with you!
    I love the dresses you chose and the combination of look Nr 1 of Rita and also look Nr 1 of Joana are my favourites 😍
    Thank you for one more collaboration 🤗

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