Met Gala 2022: The Best and Worst Dressed

Hello Beauties,

Did you think we had forgotten the biggest red carpet of all time? Of course not! We had to dedicate a post to all our favorites/less favorites looks of the night! And this year the stylists had a theme that allow them to put all of their imagination to work…

This year the theme was “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” and if you want to know more about what is the met gala and some of the best looks from the last years, check our last post (here).

This year’s allow us to see some unique and extravagant looks, something that’s been happening more and more in the last few years. Like always, some caught our eyes in a positive way, while other we just don’t understand.

Here’s our top 4 in Best-of-the-best and the Not-so-Good!

Joana’s Top 4 Best Dressed

Blake Lively was for me the queen of the show. She brought her A game with this Versace gown. Her gown was designed to celebrate the Liberty Statue. When she was brought up to New York, the color was copper but with the oxidation it is becoming more and more green/blue.

Jasmine Tookes looks perfect in this Zuhair Murad gown. The emerald green of the dress is the perfect color for her. Accents like a glove. The details of the gown are perfect. But honestly show me one Zuhair Murad gown that isn’t beautiful, and when combined with a gorgeous model, they make the perfect pair.

Kaia Gerber in Alexander McQueen. Something about her look caught my eye, the outfit it’s so good. The hair, makeup and dress make a perfect pair for her. Her look brought to red carpet the Golden Age Era.In this time, the gold, and bling bling were the opulence of the night, for many the true glamour of America was in that Era.

Sara Sampaio in a golden Michael Kors gown was pure elegance in the red carpet. She brought the old Glamour of the Golden Age to the Met Gala. So proud of our Portuguese girl. Well done.

Rita’s Top 4 Best Dressed

Blake Lively was one of the hosts and she always make us jealous of her looks (just as her best accessory…Ryan)! Who can forget the 2018 look, I still think about that dress! This time, as expected, she is in my top. She opted for a copper Atelier Versace strapless gown, with a stunning matching bow sash, and some gloves! Then she took off the sash to reveal an aqua blue/green? underneath the dress. She talked a little about the  dress and said it was inspired from Grand Central Station, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. For the jewelry lovers, both the tiara and earrings are from designed Lorraine Schwartz. The copper dress with the ribbon, in my opinion is prettier, but that’s just my opinion.

Alicia Keys almost passed me by but I’m so happy because I stumbled with a photo that showed all the details of the dress, and let me tell you…it is gorgeous! According to E! News, 30,000 crystals were used for the cover embroidered with the Big Apple silhouette. Alicia honors “the capital of the world” in her hit Empire State of Mind (2009), a partnership with Jay-Z. On the internet, the artist was considered one of the guests who most respected the theme of the ball this year, which is “In America: aa anthology of fashion”.

Taylor Hill used a blue satin off-the-shoulder gown with long sleeves, huge flowers around the bodice and an enormous train. The dress was short at the front, showing a pair of over the knee stiletto boots in the same color and fabric as the dress. If you asked me what this has to do with the theme, I honestly don’t know, but I like it, the embroiled flowers look like a work of art and the entire look looks amazing!

Jessica Chastain wore a red breath-taking Gucci sequin gown and a turban that signalled a homage to Norma Desmond. She understood the assignment! Love it! 

There were more stars that I really liked like Kaia Gerber, Miranda Kerr and Sara Sampaio!

Joana’s Top 4 Worst Dressed

My four worst were chosen for different reasons. Each one of them disappointed me in an individual way.

Kim Kardashian is my worst Met Gala look not because of how she looks, but because I think she was stunning on the red carpet. But because of the message that she is passing, that we should starve ourselves just to be in a dress. That is not ok.

Emily Ratajkowski and Versace understood the Met Gala theme, but in my opinion took it too seriously. The dress has too much. Too many colors, too many details and also was not in proportion to Emily’s body. It makes her look like a bird in a weird way.

Irina Shayk, can’t look ugly or bad, but this time she is my worst by the opposite of Emily. She is not in the theme, and what she is wearing, once again in my opinion, is not good enough or special enough for her or Met Gala. She doesn’t even look happy. You know what you did Irina.

Bella Hadid. I was not expecting to put her in this list, but she is here because she disappointed me. I was expecting so much more of Bella. I understand the dress but it doesn’t look good. Hope to have Bella next year in her A game once again.

Rita’s Top 4 Worst Dressed

Let me tell you, it was really difficult to choose the worst. Because there were a lot of them. So I had to choose (or try to) the worst of the worst. I also have to say that I read some wear that Tom Ford said that he’s been noticing that Met Gala is posting the Glamour and people are using costumes instead of gowns that make us dream! I don’t know if it was some kind of unspoken call to Katy Perry (remember that she wore a chandelier dress and a hamburger dress?), but I have to agree. What’s happening?

Fredrick Robertsson wore this dress/costume/fantasy? I don’t understand how this is the theme and how he could sit in the event. That’s two questions that I love to have an answer to! I read somewhere that he was mixed up with Jared Leto. Well I can see the similarities, although nobody can replace Jared’s eyes! And once we are talking about Jared, let me tell you, I didn’t like it! A few years ago, he took a fake head to the gala and this year he took a twin ahahah

Bad Bunny in Burberry. Are there any words for this costume? I honestly don’t know what to say. The only positive thing that I have to say is that I like his song Yoganuri. 

Emma Corrin in Miu Miu, don’t know who she is, but I didn’t like it! I only can think about how it reminds me of the Mad Hatter. I said it.

In number four, it’s Cara Delevigne. She looks like a pimp, a Hollywood Pimp! Some were worse, like…Emily Ratajkowski! But I feel that Cara didn’t understand the assignment or didn’t make an effort. She wore a Christian Dior tuxedo that’s pretty but that’s just it.The chest is painted with a gold color and the slap nipples? …it’s just so bad taste.

I have to mention other stars that were so bad, like Kourtney Kardashian that wore a look made from a shirt and some pants from her boyfriend, I don’t know who said that it looked beautiful because it looked so bad. Khloe was the best dressed of all the sisters! Well done!

Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss looked like they were competing for the Morticia Addams paper! Karlie looks a little better because of the shoe choice.

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